Lebron for Single Moms

For the Women Who Deserve it Most

Lebron for Single Mother's is a charity started by Pro-basketball-er Lebron James. The charity provides monetary aid to single mothers struggling to raise their child/children. The charity is close to Lebron because he was raised by a single mother and witnessed first hand the struggles a single parent can go through.

Lebron for Single Mothers Benefit Dinner

Saturday, April 27th 2013 at 7pm

South Miami Community Center

A benefit dinner is being held to provide single mothers monetary aid as they raise their children. Entrance to the dinner is $500 and $1000 per plate.


On the menu is braised pork loin with an orange and peach jardiniere, filet Mignon with a side of caramelized pears, roasted duck with a raspberry glaze, and lobster thermidor with Mediterranean olive cocktail sauce.

For dessert, you can have your choice of Creme Brulee, English Trifle, Croquembouche, Dacquoise, Mille-Feuille.

All foods will be prepared by extravagant chef Wolfgang Puck.