Stephanie P, Stormie B, Seth H, Adrian V p.2

Independant Movements in Asia and Africa

US and Western Europe fought a non-war to defend peoples rights against south determination. Western powers had difficulties changing their ways after WW2. It was even more difficult for people who were being treated unfairly, so they rose up and demanded independence.

The Indian Subcontinent

After India had a big meeting, Indian National Congress, Hindu party was formed to increase the rights of Indians and then the Muslim League to advance the cause of Islamic Indians. Hindu's and Muslim's were killed during a peaceful protest in the city park. Mohandas Ghandi became the leading figure of non violent teachings and inspired the Civil Rights Movements led by MLK Jr.
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Independence Won: Nations Two

After WW2 Britain gained independence but Hindus and Muslims started killing each other Gandhi was upset by the violence, and a year later he was murdered by a Hindi who was upset with his teachings. Till this day, Hindus and Muslims are still fighting.


After WW2 African's wanted freedom. . South Africa changed into the Union of South Africa (a part of Britian). After that Sahara for freedom. Gamal Nasser became king and made Africa a republic. He made the country better and smarter. But south of the Sahara, freedom was hard to get because they had no food. But most of Africa is rich.
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Rwanda: Ethnic Genocide

In the country of Rwanda, it was hard to establish a stable nation because 2 groups were always fighting. These 2 groups were the Tutsi and Hutu. The country was also under Belgian control. They became free in 1962, The Hutu then tried to attack the Tutsi in charge. They got in a big fight and killed a lot of people. In 1973, a new military came in a n fought for 8 years and established a republic in 1981, that got crushed too. Then there was a mass killing for 100 days, and a lot of people left the country.
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Developments in South Africa: The rise and Fall of Apartheid

In 1910, Britain and Dutch formed the union of South Africa in South Africa. They were no blacks allowed. In 1923 B;lack houses were separated from white houses. IN 1926, black jobs were separated from white jobs. In 1948, a separation of black and whites called Apartheid started. In the lats 50's the government took small pieces of land and said this is the only place blacks could live. After that a man named Nelson Mandela created the l African National Congress too stop the apartheid. He tried to be peaceful but in 1960, 67 of his friends were killed in a massacre. In 1964, Mandela was arrested for trying to stop the separation of the blacks and whites.
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The Middle East

So there was this empire that controlled lots of land in the Middle East, its name was the Ottoman Empire. There was this hue war that lead tp their lands being placed under control of a group pf countries called the League of Naitons. The country France got Seria and Lebanon, Britain got Palestine, Jordan and Iraq. Iran was split between Britain and Russia. Also a lot of the Ottoman land united into the new land of Turkey
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Israel: Balfour Declares a Mess

During WW1, Jewish Nationalists in Britian asked for a Jew homeland in Palestine, Britian was like okay. The Balfour declarationof 1917 said the Palestine would be a Jew homeland, but no palestinians would be moved forcefully. Eventually in 1920 britian
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The Jewish Wait for a State Ends in 1948

The United Nations, a group of different countries, split Palestine into one side for Jewish people and The other side for Muslim people. The same thing happened to India and Pakistan. David Ben-Gurion told the people about the split, people got mad and fought each other, making the 1948 Arab-Isreali war. The war ended, but They still fight sometimes. Because of the war the Palestinans lost their land. the Palestine Liberation Organization is trying to get it back. A wall was built between the Isreal and Palestine people to make sure they stopped fighting and got land.
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The Iranian Revolution: The Shah Gets Shooed

A guy named Reza Shah Pahlavi stole the power by killing the former ruler who had allowed Persia to fall under European influence. He decided the best way to beat the Western people were to join them. Women got higher education and careers, and started dressing like people from the west.
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Oil: Enormous Amounts of Goo

After the Industrial (everything becomes greater because technology got better) Oil was very important and places in the Middle East started getting alot of money from it. The Middle East started the Organization of Petroleum (oil) Exporting Countries which was a group that helped move oil to other places. Oil got really expensive in the 1970's.
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