4th Grade News at JCT

Week of September 15 - September 19

A Peek at Our Week


This week we our focus in reading is learning how to infer character traits through a character's thought, feelings, words, action, and what other characters say about them. We are also analyzing the text to determine the cause (why something happens) and effect (what happens) relationship to the changes a character undergoes throughout the story.


We are continuing to assess the students over their mastery of the words k-4 students are expected to know "in a snap". Students will be learning how to identify a run-on, complete, and fragment sentence. They will also be studying the difference between: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.


This week students are learning about place value.


Students are discussing how authors write for multiple purposes and multiple audiences. Students are learning how to adjust their writing for their purpose and audience.


This week students will design an experiment to see how far a marble will push a cup. The will then analyze the data to make a claim and they will learn how to express their claim in writing.

Social Studies

Students will be sharing their research about Texas Symbols with their classmates this week. We will also be taking a dive into the Constitution and discuss how it affects our lives today.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Freedom Week

Monday, September 15th - Progress Reports

Tuesday, September 16th - Fundraiser Deadline

Friday, September 19th - Orange Out Day - supporting awareness of childhood cancer

Thursday, September 25th - Donuts with Dad

Wednesday, October 1st - Yearbook Pictures

Tuesday, October 7th - Parent Conferences

Thursday, October 9th - Parent Conferences

Battle of the Books sign ups are going on now in the library! Mrs. Macheca, Mrs. Reich, and Ms. Rasti are competing... is your child ready to take us on? Encourage your reader to participate in this school and district event. Students can pick up information and permission slips in the library from Mrs. Crocker.


The Home Access Center or HAC is the place to go to get updates on your child's progress. If you have not yet created an account this link gives you detailed information on the steps to take to get your account up and running.

Changes for Dismissal

PLEASE call the front office at (817)-698-3800 should you have a change in how your child will go home. If an email goes to the district filter, we may not receive it before school dismisses and your change in transportation will not have been communicated. Your child's safety is our number one concern!