Pubic lice

By : Brianna Mckinney

Also known as "crabs"

Type of Pathogen : Pubic lice aka "Crabs"

Transmission sites : Anyone can get it , However with more sex partners you have a greater risk of getting crabs .

Symptons : May not have any symptons . If you do it usually takes up to 2-5 weeks to even notice any type of itching .

Treatment / Cure : Over the counter and prescripton medicine . Specific creams , lotions or shampoo that you buy at a drug store . In order to apply the cream u have to apply it first and then shave all ur areas that have pubic hair . Rashes / uncontrolled itching that is a allergic reaction to the treatment for pubic lice , too much itching can cause a skin infection .

Prevention : Avoid close body contact with others , Wash clothes and linen .

Other Information : Any who has sexual contact can get and STI men and women of all ages . HAVING SEX IS AN IMPORTANT DECISION !

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