Famous Ceramist

About David

David was raised on the western plains of Colorado. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles County, CA where he continues to live. He began studying ceramics at his High school in Greeley Colorado in 1972 for four years until 1976 when he finished his studies at Greeley's own Aims Community College.

David's Work

What I like about David's Work

I really like his pieces because they are so creative and most of them look like real trees. I think it so crazy how talented David is to have the ability to make the things he does.

Quote From David

“Through creating and teaching others how to make Treepots and Tectonic Sculptures, I have dedicated my artistic efforts in ceramics to exploring life and the irony of renewal through death. Trees are the primary subject of my work and human emergence is its’ theme. Through this creative work I engage the interrelationship between humanity and nature."

Currently David is...

Currently he is a life long learner and continue to take ceramics class at the Glendale Community College, CA since 2007 and work full time as a ceramic artist out of his studio at home. He sells most of hi work informally to other artists and local venues and along the Pacific Coast of California.