Micheal's dream vacation

Why Hawaii is my dream vacation

Hawaii is dream vacation. Hawaii is located in the pacific ocean. The reason Hawaii is so great is because it home to many animals.

Ten facts about Hawaii.

  • Hawaii was formed by a under water volcano many years ago
  • . Hawaii has many beautiful place with a beutiful beach
  • Hawaii still has a few volcanoes on the island
  • . Hawaii has many activities. Hawaii has the world's largest generator.
  • Hawaii has eight islands. Hawaii is the only U.S state that grows coffee.
  • Hawaii has its own time zone. The Hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters.
  • Hawaiians can to be 80 years old.


It takes 7 hours and 59 minutes to from Texas to Hawaii. Hawaii is 3,518 miles from Texas. I will take my pal Elvin. I will use a plane to get to Hawaii. I will stay 3 days.


I will stay in a hotel. The hotel has 2 pools one Indoor, one outdoor,2 beds and a walk in shower. i will pack clothes and money.I Oahu a beautiful hotel.


In Hawaii i'll go scuba diving, ski diving, and swim with dolphins wen added up costs $595


Hawaii has many kinds of food, fruit, and more, but ill eat in the lobby for free. for dinner and lunch i'll eat at Merrimans for $65


lodging= $1,050

food= $65

travel= $250

airfare= $1,000

activity's= $595