By:Bianca Richerson


The Sahel is the Semiarid region between the Sahara to the north, the Savannas to the north,Savannas to the south, extending from Senegal to Ethiopia.

8 months of the year are dry, and rainfall averages 4 to 8 inches per year.

The Sahel forms a belt that separates the arid Sahara from tropical West Africa

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Congo River

The Congo River is formed by the waters of the Lualaba River. The Congo River flows about 2,720 miles thorough the Zarie to the Atlantic Ocean. The Congo river is 4 to 10 miles long. It is Africa's potential source of hydroeletric power.
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Great River Valley

The Great River Valley is a geological fault system that extends from Central Mozambique to Northern Syria. The erosion has leveled out much of the valley.
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Madagascar is located in the the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is separated from the East African coast by Mozambique channel. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.
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