fun facts

The continent of Jordan is Asia.

The capital of Jordan is Amman.

The population of Jordan is 8,117,564 people.

The area of Jordan is 34,495 square miles.

The main languages are Arabic and French.

The main religion is Islam.


Jordanians like to eat Mansaf. Mansaf are large trays with rice and chunks of stewed lamb on it. They also like to eat Jameed. Jameed is yogurt sauce its a national dish for Jordanians. Jordanians also like to eat Mashi . Mashi stuffed vegetables. Also Jordanians like to eat bread dipped into zayt that's olive oil.


Jordanians greet by shaking hands with people. If a man is to shake hands with a women it is considered inappropriate. Close friends in in that are the same gender may kiss each other on both cheeks. For verbal greet Jordanians say(Assalaam'alakum)that means peace upon you. They also say(Ahlan wa sahlan)which means you are welcomed here.


all of the holiday's celebrated in Jordan are new years eve, labor day, independence day, king Hussein's birthday, king Abdullah's birthday, army day and easter.


Jordanians speak