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Lahore is the capital of Punjab Province with the population of about 8. 5 million is a lively city of Pakistan. The city is decked with numerous mosques, magnificent monuments and bustling bazaars that make the city quite an interesting place to visit and enjoy variety of lifestyles. It is also decked with gleaming shopping malls where you can get various options in various brands but the actual joy of shopping at any place is only in its local markets. Lahore is also blessed with various local markets and among them Aanarkali Bazaar is quite famous as it is one of the oldest existing markets in Pakistan and in Asia that is running for the past 200 years. The bazaar is divided into two segments Old Anarkali Bazaar and New Anarkali Bazaar. Old Anarkali Bazar is famous for its delicious food items while from New Anarkali Bazar one can shop for traditional handicrafts, clothes and gift items. A visit to this market is like going in the lanes of past and get acquaint with its glorious history. To get the glimpses of charm and beauty of this market avail air tickets to Lahore from London and have a fun- filled shopping experience.

Another place to enjoy shopping at Lohore is Kashmiri Bazaar, which is one of the oldest in the city. Situated inside the Delhi Gate of walled city, it is believed that this market is around 400 years old and was established during Mughal period. The Bazaar is famous for its artificial jewellery, clothes, fancy and traditional dresses for brides, shoes and accessories which are trademarks of this market. The bazaar is also famous for its culinary delights like Halwa Puri, Kachoori, Dahi Barray of Kotwali Chowck, Khaleefay Ke Kabaab are some of the famous delicacies of this market that you can’t afford to miss.

Other famous bazaar of city is Gumti Bazaar that offers various options for shopping to its visitors. The bazaar has its unique historic and cultural identity and is one of the oldest markets of walled city of Lahore. This market is famous for Meena-kaari, embroidered clothes, leather goods, woolen fabrics and artificial jewelry. Here you can buy beautiful pieces of artificial jewelry which is available here within the range of Rs 500 to Rs 5000. To catch all this and much more, just fly to Lahore and enjoy a visit to its various bustling markets and at the same time save your valuable bucks.

Shopping over here is once in a lifetime experience for its visitors and offers its visitors glimpses of cultural heritage of city as well. Gumti bazaar is one of the typical Lahori bazaars, bursting with colors and lights. It was a Hindu populated area and the place has several Hindu temples as well. Shivala Pandit Radha Krishan Temple was renowned for its beautiful architecture. Kali Mata Temple is also a well known place to worship.


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