Victims of Sex Trafficking

you are not alone

The mission:

Our mission is to physically and emotionally rescue those hurt but sex trafficking.

Sarah, our founder and a victim of Sex Trafficking, Tells Her Story

My name is Sarah Hosea, and at the age of eight was sold into sexual slavery. For overs decade I worked in a brothel in San Francisco. Originally I was born in New England, but throughout the course if my trafficked years I was moved repeatedly. I thought that no one understood my life, and I felt completely alone and abandoned. Although physically I was being abused; the emotional abuse was far worse. I could handle the bruises and the scars on my skin, but the wounds inflicted on my heart were ones no medicine could heal. I was so broken and hurt I tried to turn my emotions off. I didn’t want to feel the hurt or pain anymore. Slowly but surely I became ruthless and hard hearted. The only thing that could make me feel again was the one thing I had never felt before, true and pure love. That love eventually came from my now husband, Michael. He rescued me from the brothel I was working in, and patiently chipped away at the ice that surrounded my heart. Eventually I let myself feel and be vulnerable again, and it was the hardest thing of my life. I know that you feel like you cannot trust anyone and that your life has no purpose, but I am here begging you to believe me when I tell you; you are infinitely important. Whatever lies have been fed to you know that none of them are true. You are a woman. You deserve respect and love. You, my dear, are not some item on a shelf someone can pick to buy; you matter, and you deserve freedom. Change is on the horizon, so sprint, leap, and climb over any mountains that are in your way, because you deserve to be free.

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