Metals, Non-metals and Metalloids

BY: Xavier Casserilla

Physical Properties of Metals

This metal is luster because you can see the light reflecting of the Zinc.

The Zinc is malleable because there are dents in the metal and is in different shape.

This is ductile because it is pounded into a square so you can pull the zinc into a wire.

Properties of Metalliods

The polonium is not ductile because it is not a conductor of heat and it cant be stretch out.

This element is not malleable because if you try to hammer it out it would crumble.

This is non luster because the light can't reflect of it.


Selenium is not a conductor because non-metals are not good at conducting heat and electricity.

This is not malleable because like the polonium it would crumble into pieces,

This is non luster because non-metals are dull not luster.[shiny]