Ray's Reminders

Friday, May 24

Field Day

Field Day is Tuesday. Your child is bringing home a note from Coach Kettle. We will eat lunch in the room, so everyone needs to bring a lunch and drink. We will begin at 12:00 on the playground, and you are welcome to attend.

Major Grade Projects

5th Grade is Project Central!!

Reading Book Report Projects {using technology} were due today. Students will begin presenting on Tuesday.

Strange Day Short Story Collections are due upon arrival Tuesday. Students have worked on these creative stories for many weeks, and most students are finished. Ask your child if he/she needs to work on this over the weekend.

Rugs & Remnants Math Project: Students are loving this as they show their math and creative skills! Materials are needed, so make sure to send these on Tuesday. Some students are at a standstill until they have their materials. These are due at the end of the day on Wednesday.