Local Committee Updates

It's time to catch up.

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April Local Congress

We just got back from one of the best conferences AIESEC in Mumbai has seen in a while. The entire delegation, along with the Orion and the Revolutionists, is ready to do what it takes for our home, Mumbai.

Output of the conference will be out soon. For all of you who missed this, make sure you get in touch with some of the delegates and find out what happened, other than the social media wave you've been seeing.

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Keep Sight, Win The Fight. #LimitlessMumbai

One of the most special moments of the conference, our goals launch. The moment AIESEC in Mumbai came together as one, and made a promise to do justice to our city.

515 is not a random number that the Orion came up with, it is the sum of what each and every delegate wants to contribute. For themselves, and for their team mates/members who couldn't make it.

We lit that flame, here at April Local Congress, and we will spread the light.

"Every Champion is a contender who once refused to give up."