Goodwill (Global)

Dr. J. Helms

What Dr. J. Helms Did to Help the Community

He donated money and home goods . he also sold many home goods like clothes. he sold all kinds of toys.

How it Impact the Community

He Gave Jobs to poor people. He Sold cloths and He Hired People in Need of Jobs. He also Helped family Build Strong. He sold People Home Goods.


He was Born in 1-19-63. He's Been Married Twice.Also had Twelve Kids. The Goal is to help find Jobs to People. The Course is to get Fours billion dollars. Then He Died in 12-23-42.

What You can do to Help.

You can sell Home Goods that are Yours. You Can Shovel Or cut lawns. Pick up and throw Garbage on the Floor. You can Donate money food, cloths and other Goods. You can become a Member For Groups to Help people.