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All Saints Episcopal School - November 30, 2015


Our first Parent Association meeting for the school year was held November 11th. Parent Association president, Brandey Gideon, gave a wonderful report on the outstanding success and generous contributions made by last year's ASPA, as well as an update on the status of their current projects. Karen Hernandez-Dailey gave an exciting presentation on the incredible success of our most recent book fair. Sally Wilson amazed the crowd with her demonstrations of how technology is being used in different ways in the classrooms, and then our Kindergarten students treated everyone with this fabulous song. We are so thankful for the hard work of all of the PA volunteers and we can always use more helping hands. Please call Brandey Gideon and let her know your areas of interest so she can direct you to your perfect volunteer match. Click on the link below and enjoy these precious voices!


Our Annual All Saints Food Drive was a TREMENDOUS success thanks to our generous students and families! Over 4,300 items were collected for the Thanksgiving Store at Some Other Place. Our VERY generous 4th Grade students brought 1,060 items, breaking every record for the most items donated for a single grade level, and will be rewarded with their own free dress day! Thank you to everyone who donated to this great effort!

E.J. Empty Stocking Fund & S.O.P. Toy Drive

Our Annual E.J. Empty Stocking Fund and Toy Drive begins tomorrow. Funds will be collected during Holy Communion on December 19th to support The Beaumont Enterprise's E.J. Empty Stocking Fund. Also, Dr. WIllard is facilitating a new & gently used toy drive to support Some Other Place. Toys will be collected until Friday, December 11th.


This past Tuesday we celebrated a beautiful Holy Eucharist together, with several special elements as part of our service.


Our 7th Grade students have been studying the historical impact and contributions of our nation's first four presidents (Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison). Students researched their assigned president and worked in groups to create a life-size rendition of their historical character. Everyone enjoyed this interactive assignment and made some interesting discoveries! Here are a few quotes from the kids about what they learned...

"John Adams supported some seriously strange acts that turned out to be complete failures like the Alien & Sedition Acts." ( - Rafay

If iPads existed during the time of the first presidents, Thomas Jefferson would definitely have owned one." - Josh

"Each president had different interpretations of the Constitution ranging from very loose to very strict." - Travis

"James Madison sold ice cream out of the White House." - Kelli

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