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TCOE Teacher Induction Programs- April 2018

The majority of our candidates are millennials. Understanding and being able to engage with millennials is going to greatly impact the effectiveness of mentors.

For more information click on the article from Gallup.com: Managing Millennial Teachers: Major Challenge for Schools or check out the information below.

Suggestions for supporting your Candidate(s) right now:

  • Given that the Candidate is now most likely in the reflection and rejuvenation stage of development, reminisce about the first days of school and how far you have come in working together.
  • For teachers who received satisfactory evaluation reports, provide guidance in thinking about their professional goals for the following year and help them identify professional development opportunities for the summer.
  • Encourage the Candidate to offer students more choice in their learning.
  • Spring fever is an issue for both students and staff. Discuss with the Candidate how to recognize and celebrate the bursts of energy students display and how to channel it into active, meaningful learning experiences.

For more ways to support your Candidate this time of year, check out the April Needs Assessment.

Increase Your Knowledge Base- Coaching Tools

Learning Opportunities for Your Candidate

REMINDER- The TIPs' Candidate Professional Development requirement is 6 hours. TWO DIFFERENT Professional Development classes for a Minimum of 3 hours per session. At least ONE session must be a TCOE session. The TCOE session may be taken through Teacher Induction Programs, Special Services, ERS, or Choices Safe Schools.
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Next Mindful Mentoring Workshop- Planning & Conducting a Coaching Conversation

Monday, April 16th, 4:30pm

6200 South Mooney Boulevard

Visalia, CA

Participants will explore mentoring tips and habits of mind shared in Elena Aguilar’s book, The Art of Coaching. Topics to be shared include logistics of setting up a mentoring schedule, planning a mentoring conversation, and preparing for a coaching meeting. To register for this workshop go to the registration page on our website or click here.

The LAST workshop will be on Emotional Intelligence April 24 from 4:30-6:00.

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