By: Advaith Prasanna

About Judaism

Judaism is a religion that believes in the god,Adonai.They are montheistic religion that believes in the god of Abraham.Their followers are called Jews.Their common figure is Abraham. One of their most common holy places is the Holy Temple which is the first Jewish temple that is located in Jerusalem. Their holy book is the Tanakh, or the Torah. Their Sabbath is Friday evening to Saturday evening. The goal for Judaism is live a good life according to the laws of the Torah. One of their rituals is to not eat kosher foods, which are foods that are prepared with dairy and meat, a few of these would be pork and shellfish. Another one of these rituals would be Bar Mizvah, this is when children are turned into adults in the eyes of the Jewish religion, boys get this when they reach the age of 13 and girls get it when they reach the age if 12.

More About Judaism

One of the main places of worship for Jews is a Synagougue their worship leaders are Rabbi,the teacher of the Torah. Their most common sections are Orthodox, Conservative and Reformed. Some of the holy days in the Jewish religion are Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish new year and when their fasting starts, another is Yom Kippur, when fasting ends and there is a celebration. Some more of the Jewish holy days are Passover, when the Angel of Death "passed over" Hebrews who were in bondage in Egypt, the last one is Hanukkah, in which the Jews celebrate the miracle of oil lasting for eight days when only enough for one day in temple.