The Rideau Report

January 2022

Welcome (virtually) to all our families!

Bonjour les Rhinos!

It is a cold one today! There is no doubt that we have officially entered winter.

As you all must be aware by now, the province has made the decision to have schools pivot to remote learning until January 17. We know that this represents a challenge for many families and we will all do our best to make the most of those two weeks. Teachers will reach out to families on Wednesday with information on classroom expectations and schedule for learning activities. If you require a device, please inform your classroom teacher who will let us know. Once arrangements have been made, devices can be picked up at the school from 8:30 until 3:30.

During the break, some people inquired about having more Rapid Tests distributed. At the time being, we don't have any extras as there was only one box sent per student. If we get more, I will let families know.

Parent Council -> Our next meeting is on February 8, at 6:30. It will be a virtual meeting.

Finally, just before the break, we were informed that Mr. Seiveright was not returning to Rideau and that Mr. Derbyshire and myself will remain in our current positions until the end of June. This came as a surprise to all of us and Mr. Seiveright wrote the following letter to our community:

Dear Rideau Families,

It came as quite a surprise to find out just before the break that I am not returning to Rideau this winter. I am heading instead to the Board Office, where I will support work there in a variety of roles, most likely COVID-related. I look forward to the new challenges and opportunities, but will definitely miss all my friends at Rideau.

Thank you for your support over the last 5 years. We have done some amazing work together, and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch your children grow and learn. It is a real gift to have a career in education, and I am grateful that you have chosen to share your children with me. Rideau is a very special place, and it is not like that by accident. It is the continuous hard work of the amazing staff, the dedicated families, and the wonderful children who fill its halls. I have many great memories of my time at Rideau, and truly appreciate the Rhino Community! Merci, mes amis, et à bientôt!

Mr. Seiveright

We wish him the best in his new venture and I know he will be greatly missed. Just below this text is a short video of the door decoration festival we held at the school before the holidays.

Valerie Arsenault

Acting Principal

Door Decorating Festival
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