Thailand Art

By RIshika Rakwal

Folk Art

The Buddha painting shows the main religion of thailand showing their beliefs. Phor Nan Ton the artist of Artist of this painting is of a well known artist who uses his creativity to decorate temples and traditional clothes he dresses as a woman to avoid evil spirits to make his work more effective. THUS showing how he is very a spiritual person and how that carries over to his art The folk artist uses materials at hand and he is not particular about how to his work is treated. A large number of his creations are displayed on his porch instead of in a museum. His work is often a combination of Hinduism and buddhism

Analysis of the Folk paintings

His works can be traced back to the origination of buddhism in Thailand. The origins of Buddhism in Thailand can be traced to the fifth and 13 centuries we are Thailand was directly influenced from India and followed Buddhism along with some aspects of Hinduism. This shows his work originated from the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism that were popular artist in the fifth century to the 13th century.

Folk examples

Pop culture art of Thiland + analysis

Suwit Maprajaub A pop culture artist is known for his works showing the conflicts of mankind upon the environment one of these works shows the effect on animals through the pollution of the ocean. Other work explore the issues of pollution global warming and climate change the uniqueness of he uses discarded oil tanks with shapes into sculptures of marine animals. Unlike the insert for culture artists name hear his paintings depict a more contemporary problems faced by the world focusing on the environment . this can be traced back to the 1960s when environmental issue started to become widely known. Because of such this is a very new problem it shows the contemporary value of this art.
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Compare and contrast of folk and pop art

The folk art of Thailand is heavily based on the Bhudist and Hindu religion. While the pop culture/ contemporary art of Thailand is based on real world issues. Another thing that I have noticed is that many art forms differ from pop amd folk culture. For example much of the art that Phor Nan Ton created consisted of painting and was drawn on things such as cardboard or as previously stated anything that he could find around him. In the pop culture aspect the resources that are present around the artist are still being used showing a similarly but much of the contemporary art consists of sculptures unlike before. The displaying of art has also greatly changed.

Pop culture examples