Using the Card Catalog

How to access materials on the Hamilton Schools Card Catalog

Are you looking for specific books? Do you have to write a paper, give a speech or do a presentation and need some materials about your topic? Have you tried looking on our card catalog?

Are you looking for specific books? Do you have to write a paper, give a speech or do a presentation and need some materials about your topic? Have you tried looking on our card catalog? Last winter, we put our card catalog online. You can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection. You can also create an account on the catalog and use it for a lot of different things. Let’s look at how it works.

First Step: Access the card catalog through the school website.

Go to the school website and click on the HCS under the email login. This is how you access the catalog.

Second Step: Click on the Hamilton Community Schools link in the center.

When you get the the login page, you need to click the link in the center that says Hamilton Community Schools.

Third: Click the login button on the top right side.

The top right side says LOGIN, you need to go here to get started.

Fourth: Login or Create a new account. (Select the appropriate option)

*If you create a new account, it asks for your last name and your barcode (library/lunch number) You will also create a password.

When you get in, you see this screen

From here, you can do all sorts of things: Search for books, find classmates to suggest books to, place holds on books, (meaning, find a book, ask us to pull books for you, etc.) review books, You can also find some book on eBook form and read them. (Right now, we just have the Hunger Games series, but we plan to add a few more titles.) Let’s look at the layout of the site:

Quest Home: This takes you to a different screen that has our new releases, our top ten books, and resource lists. (We started developing resource lists that tell you where the books are located for different topics. This is an ongoing process. As papers are assigned and kids get books, we scan them into the resource list. You want to do a paper about aeronautics? We have a resource list for that. ) The resource lists keep growing as we add more to it.

My Quest: This is the screen you see when you login, in case you ever wanted to go back to it.

My Info: Clicking this will show you what you have checked out and what fines you owe.

Advanced Search: This can be a little more complex. Here, you can type in the topics very specifically to find what you want. Using AND, OR, NOT changes the way the catalog looks for things. Example: Egypt not King Tut will get books about Egypt that don’t talk about King Tut. Egypt and King Tut will get books that have both of them. Using or will get materials with either or. If you need more detailed help about this, see Mrs. Wells and she will be glad to help you out.

Visual Search: This is for the elementary kids. You can click on images to find books.

Follett Shelf: This is our eBook collection. Currently, books are not available on kindles but, you can download them to your nobi and read right on that. One person can check out a book at a time and they disappear after 14 days.

Logout: logs you off and takes you back to the original screen.

Exit: This takes you to a different screen. Let’s look at that now.

This section is about the search engine after the Destiny Quest is closed. (That’s the fun screen)

Home: This is the screen you see when you have to login.

Catalog: This is where you can find materials. Basic, is the screen below where you find materials. Power is like the advanced tab you saw on the fun screen. Visual are images to find stuff. That’s more for elementary. The copy categories is interesting, you see a list of genres (types of books) and you can click on them and see books that fall in that category. Notice, FollettShelf is also here.

Circulation: You can renew a book here.

My info: This is where we see your personal information.

Let’s look at finding a book. In the blank space, type in the title, subject or author you are looking for and press enter.

If you click on the title of the book, it tells you where it is located. We can help you find that in the media center.

Let’s talk about placing a hold. A hold is picking a book and having the library staff pull it for you. We collect the item, put it on the cart in front of Mrs. Wells and you can come in and check it out. Usually, there is an email sent to you telling you it is ready. You can put a book on hold only if you are logged in.

Do you have any questions? Send us an email: