We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 9/16/16

Reader's Workshop

In reading last week, we practiced having conversations about books we've read with our reading buddies. We are keeping in mind the fact that we can share what we learn as readers with others! As we practiced making connections with the text we read together, Mrs. Palermo showed everyone how to record a connection in a Reader's Notebook. We will begin using ours soon! Mid-week, we reflected on the types of books we were choosing to put in our book bags (A picture of these will be in next week's newsletter!), noticing fiction vs. nonfiction. We then set goals to guide us when we "shop" for our next set of books. Towards the end of the week, we began working on showing that we understood a fictional story by retelling it in our own words.


During math, we focused on using what we know about measuring in inches accurately to help us measure accurately in centimeters. We then measured some items in both inches & centimeters and compared the results. We noticed that the number of centimeters was always greater (more than double) than the number of inches because centimeters are smaller than inches. Later in the week, we worked on a TenMarks measurement assignment. We also began shifting our focus to word problem work so we worked on identifying key words that are often used in addition & subtraction word problems. We will begin doing a word problem warm-up each day.

On Friday, everyone brought home an IXL username & password. The program can be used for extra math practice at home.

Word Work (Fundations)

During word work, everyone was beyond excited to use our gel boards for the first time! Gel boards were not a part of the first grade program, so they were brand new to us all! We use the gel boards often when practicing our trick words (word wall words). Our word wall is now filled with all of our first grade words. We can't wait to start adding our second grade words! We learned about closed syllable words this week. They are one syllable words, with only one vowel, and at least one consonant at the end of the word. (Ex: cab, stuck, strap)

Writer's Workshop

As writers, we spent some time rereading our writing & paying attention to how it sounds so we can add proper punctuation. We also noticed how many times the word "and" was used in a sentence, and then we worked on eliminating one of the "ands" so we don't have run-on sentences. Everyone was introduced to our second grade narrative checklist, which was used to check over our stories and helped us to make a plan for what we could try to improve in our writing.

Second Step

Our Second Step time was used for a growth mindset lesson on September 15th (International Dot Day). We read the book The Dot. The central idea is that you may not be great at something YET, but if you keep practicing and allow others to guide you at times you will be successful in the end!

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

  • Wednesday is our regular library day! Books should be returned by Wednesday or brought to school to be renewed for an extra week.
  • Our class is scheduled to have school pictures taken promptly at 8:30am Tuesday, September 20th!
  • If your child has not yet brought in headphones, please plan on sending them to school soon! Headphones can be purchased from Mrs. Kelly for $5 or earbuds for $1.
  • There is no school for students this Friday, September 23rd!