Waldorf Administration & Leadership

Antioch University New England

Apply now to join the third cohort in our ground breaking learning experience, custom designed to bridge the gaps between pedagogy and administrative expertise.

Waldorf schools are self administered, which means that most decisions are made on site by faculty, staff and trustees. Sometimes faculty members are selected to leadership roles based on their pedagogical expertise and the confidence of their colleagues but without necessary skills in communication, group dynamics, facilitation, conflict resolution etc. Likewise, a school may hire administrative personnel with expertise in business but who lack needed skills in Waldorf education or the philosophy, Anthroposophy, that guides decision making in a Waldorf school. There is a need for greater role clarity so groups, committees and individuals work collaboratively rather than at cross purposes.

Focus Areas

  • Threefolding, from theory to practice
  • Basic HR best practices and most common errors
  • Group dynamics and process
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Parent relations
  • Developing a donor circle and philanthropy
  • Addressing biographical issues toward emotional health
  • Shared principles and core principles at the heart of Waldorf Education
  • Strategic planning and school development
  • Diversity and inclusion, cultural, religious, gender and orientation issues
  • Having that difficult conversation
  • Accessibility
  • Case studies
  • Applied Anthroposophy: understanding & working with governance & leadership
  • Color Exercises for personal and group development

Sample Morning Presentations by Torin Finser:

  • Role Clarity in light of Waldorf School Governance and Organizational Dynamics
  • Strategic Leadership vs tactical decision making: alignment of accountability, authority and responsibility in the context of a threefold model
  • Agreements, including personal conduct, the importance of process and policy development, individual freedom vs. group accountability…HR issues (facing in)
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, enrollment and community development (facing out)
  • Collaborative Leadership and the search for common ground/consensus

Visit http://www.antiochne.edu/teacher-education/waldorf/ to learn more

Schedule & Fees

We’re mindful of time commitments and the limited funds available to schools, we’ve designed an economical, non-credit bearing experience focused on the working school leader, balancing face to face experiential learning, mentoring and online learning. The entire program lasts just 13 months with only 10 days required residency (in two 5- day institutes) away from work and family.

Session 1 A 5-day residency in Keene, NH, April 6-11, 2018. Cost: $1600

Session 2 Participants may choose a five day Renewal course offered by the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, NH Cost: $500 (Those who have recently done a Renewal course may ask to be excused for this session)

Session 3 Online independent study in the fall of 2018 will focus on a series of readings targeting one of the two threads (foundation studies or school leadership) and online postings of reflections on the readings Cost: $500

Session 4 Phone and email mentoring in the winter of 2018. Cost: $500

Session 5 A final 5-day institute in Keene, NH, in April 2019. Participants will be awarded a certificate of completion from AUNE Cost: $1600

Total cost: $4,700.

Antioch University New England

40 Avon Street, Keene, NH 03431