TCOT - Trash Collectors of Tomorrow

Shine a Light on Trash

Andrew Weimerskirch, Michael Bravenec, Nick Norado, Eliot Owono

The Problem:

People are unaware of the litter right here in Flower Mound. Litter on the ground, in our lakes, and in our parks. It’s an eyesore, and can also affect the plant and animal life. Litter can make any of our natural, beautiful areas turn into a place that looks trashy and forgotten. If our water becomes too polluted from litter it can no longer be used for drinking water or recreational use.

The Soultion:

To fight against the harmful effects of littering, there should be a Flower Mound Anti-Littering and Pick Up day once every other month to spread awareness of littering and the effects it has. On this day there will be events held to pick up trash and litter in parks, ponds, and lakes.

What You Can Do:

  • Join us in the fight against litter on any of our bimonthly events to help us spread awareness.
  • Pick up trash that you see in and around parks, ponds, lakes, etc.
  • Volunteer at events to lead people in trash events