Zom-B Poster

By Darren Shan

Summary And Theme

This book is about a half human half zombie girl who is given a chance by the remaining government.

The theme is all about finding yourself and where you belong after being outcast by the ones they trusted.

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Conflict and characters

Man vs. Society

This is the kind of conflict because B and the other zom heads have to face all the criticism such as being called "freaks" and "monsters" and an untrusting nature like not being able to see each other out of HQ and being held in solitary from the officials and Civilians.

These are the main characters;

B or Becky is the main protagonist,

Direct: B is racist a trait she obtained from her father its says in the book "He's dark skinned with curly hair, id have shot him the finger six months ago."

Indirect :Aggressive " I'd of liked to jump on him and beaten him senseless."

Reilly is the soldier that help B

Direct: Tough

Indirect: Caring "Id of shot you if you would've moved any further, i could see in his eyes that's the last thing he wants to do."

Rage is the leader of the zom-heads

Direct: Leader

Indirect: Inconsiderate "I've got look out for my self the rest of you are my second priority."