October Art Room News

Whats' Happening In The Art Room?

This Month

We have finished our Square 1 Art fundraising artwork and I will be sending it away to be printed. Please look out for all information sent home about the Square 1 Art fundraiser this month. All catalogs will go home during the week of October,31st. All money raised will go towards funding for Norrback Art room supplies for the 2016 -2017 year. congratulations to Eric S., Malek K., Raymond G. and Hugo T. for being our Art Students Of The Month!

Kindergarten will be identifying, exploring and creating expressive lines by using mixed media and looking at the artwork of Vincent van Gough.

First grade will be exploring line and shape and will be looking at the expressive art of Kandinsky and the cubist work of Picasso and learning to discuss the similarities and differences in their art work.

Third grade will be exploring the use of shapes in two dimensional and three dimensional media and create artwork from direct observation.

Fourth grade will finishing up their collaboration project featuring their drawings of the Exquisite Corpse. Students will learn how to use and present personal responses to a variety of subject matter and explore shape in two and three dimensional works.

Fifth grade will be creating artwork from direct observation and how to transform objects into a surreal image.

Sixth grade will be re - interperting historical artwork by using art elements and principals of design and create a Zentangle parody composition.

We are looking for glue sticks and fine tipped permanent markers this month.

Thank you for donating!

Sincerely, Ms. Anderson ( Art Teacher )