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St. Gabriel School ....... May 8, 2016

Hope you all had a beautiful, joy filled and loving Mothers Day Weekend!

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The Ascension of the Lord, or the Seventh Sunday of Easter

Sacred Scripture JN 17:24

Father they are your gift to me. I wish that where I am they may also be with me, that they may see your glory that you gave me, because you loved me before the foundation of the world.

Message of Mercy

Proclamation of Joy

Jesus teaches us that the Good News, which He brings, is not reserved to one part of humanity, it is to be communicated to everyone. It is a proclamation of joy destined for those who are waiting for it, but also for those who perhaps are no longer waiting for anything and haven’t even the strength to seek and to ask.

— Angelus, January 26, 2014


What's your perspective on evangelization? Ask God for his.

This message of mercy and reflection material is generously provided by Our Sunday Visitor, publisher of A Year of Mercy With Pope Francis: Daily Reflections.

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Faculty Meetings

On Tuesday, May 24th, we will have our closing of the year Faculty Meeting. This will be an important meeting in which we examine, study and plan around all current data about our students. So as we determine the nuts and bolts of what needs to be done to close this year, we will also be planning goals and mission for next year.

We will be opening the meeting with Kristen Cozart, Wellness Coordinator for the The Wellness Champions, speaking to us briefly with a special presentation focused on "Sleep" for us as educators for healthier lives. Kristen will also be providing a healthful little meal for us at the meeting!

We will have our next Principal Faculty Circle either Monday May 16 or Tuesday May 17. We will be addressing feedback from the evaluations of March Raymond's in-service, and next steps in our STEM/RTI process, and other concerns

Kindergarten Screen Team THANK YOU!

THANKS TO EVERYONE who played a role on our annual Screen Team in the 2 days of Kindergarten Screening! All went smoothly and very well!! Thanks especially to Nancy Dickinson

Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Reminder that Thursday, and following one day each week throughout the month of May, Crossroads instructors will be implementing the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention program in the 5th, 6th, and 7th grades covering 5 weeks total.

These lessons will be one class period long, during the Science classes. Crossroads instructors will come to present on the following 5 days, and will teach the classes of all 3 grades throughout the day. Following is the schedule.

Monday, April 18 (completed)

Thursday, April 28 (completed)

Thursday, May 5 (completed)

Thursday, May 12

Thursday, May 19

May 9--June 7, 2016

May 9

  • 8:15am All School May Crowning, Church
  • Last LPDC meeting

May 10 - St. Gabriel School Band Concert, Gr 4-8

  • Lake Catholic HS, 6:30--8:00pm
  • 9:00am-11:00am - Mini Open House

May 11

  • 8:05 am All School Liturgy -- Appreciation Mass
  • PTU reception following Mass - Church basement
  • 6:30 pm 8th Grade "Academy Award Night", MPR

May 12

  • taff Appreciation Luncheon, Courtesy of PTU
  • Gr 5, 6, and 7 Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention in Science

May 13

  • 1:15 - Student Council Inauguration Ceremony, Pahler Center
  • Faculty and Staff Appreciation Dessert, Courtesy of Administration

May 16 - Grades 4-5 Music Program

  • 7:00pm
  • Pahler Center

May 18

  • 8:05am All School Liturgy
  • 10:00 am - 12:00pm Learning Loft Graduation

May 19 - Gr 5, 6, and 7 Crossroads Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention in Science



May 24 -- Closing of Year Faculty Meeting

May 25

  • 8:05 am All School Liturgy -- Grade 1-8 Buddy Mass

May 26

  • Young Authors, Young Artists Night
  • 6:30-8:00pm

May 27 -- Rain date for Walkathon and Field Day

  • Power of the Pen State Tournament

May 28

  • Power of the Pen, State Tournament

June 3 -- Kindergarten Graduation

  • 9:00am, In Church

June 6 - Grade 8 Graduation Day

  • 8:30am Grade 8 Baccalaureate Mass
  • 9:30 Grade 8 Breakfast, Church CR
  • 7:00pm Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony, church
  • Reception following in MPR

June 7 -- Last day of school

  • 8:30am Blessing of Children, Church
  • 11:00am Early Dismissal, there will be buses


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Happy birthday Monday, May 9th, to Kelli Silvestro, Wednesday, May 11th, to Joyce Gravagna, Thursday, May 12 to Jim Slike, and Sunday, May 15, to Sandy Mullin.

Snow (Calamity) Days Reminders

Our goal for snow/calamity days this year is to greatly simplify and be consistent in our work requirements for our students.


  1. Students are expected to do work that was already assigned for the day that became a snow day. if a quiz or test was scheduled on the snow day, please post a reminder on your Snow Day page that it will be taken on the day back after the snow day. If you wish to extend that further, that is up to you, but please post that.
  2. No new instruction or new work or new assignments will be given. For work or homework that was already assigned, if students have questions or problems, they can ask you when they get back to school.
  3. Teachers post on their web pages by noon on each snow day, any news, information, instructions or changes that students and/or parents need to know about classwork, homework, or other assignments or events. Please post something that either encourages everyone to have a good day, or reminds about regular work already assigned! (Students and parents must check teacher web pages each snow day.)

  • NOTE: Blizzard Bags are for new work to be assigned if our snow days are used up.
  • We'll discuss as staff ahead of time how to create and use Blizzard Bags if needed.


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Please pray for Mamie Glunt in recovery from her shoulder surgery.

Please pray for Christine Horne, for comfort in the death of her grandmother, Agnes Zarack.

Please pray for Sherry's daughter Nadia who is recovering from knee surgery.

Please pray for Mary Harnett who has neck pain, and

Please pray for Lauren Caruso for blessings of health in her pregnancy.

Please pray for Mrs. Swetel one of our parents who is suffering from cancer and her daughter Noella in our Kindergarten, and her whole family.

Let us continue to pray also for each other, as colleagues and friends, and as companions on the discipleship journey of our mission in Christ. We all in various ways have unspoken needs, cares and tribulations in our families, needing big and little prayers.

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."

Please continue praying also for parents and families in our school community needing prayers. Remember those who are suffering through loss in any way in their families. Please especially pray for the children, those who are impacted by the cares and tribulations in their families, and those who are suffering their own cares and tribulations. Let them all touch our hearts.

Hope you all had a blessed and beautiful Mother's Day Weekend!

I am praying for all of you, please pray for me,

Peace and trust in the Father, love and kindness in Jesus, and courage and wisdom and patience in the Spirit,


Donna Lee

St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

We are being Christ, every day, everywhere, through teaching, learning, leading and serving.