Outgoing Exchange

October 09 - 15, 2015

Where have our participants gone this year?

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What's the Plan Stan?

Recruitment for winter projects is drawing near and we've got lots to do! This week we'll be looking at opportunities with December and January realizations. I've posted some awesome projects in @SJ Opportunities in FB. Check them out! I'll be assigning projects for every two members to work on during the week. Brush up on your presentation skills because you'll be talking in front of your team during FM this week!


Kevin and PJ Global Entrepreneurs Romania

Aria and Bebe* South Africa - Visit Jeff Fadiman Office hours. He has lots of knowledge on S.A

Ching and Thao-My Discover India

Andrew and Khanh Teach Colombia

Chelsi and Vivian* Gira Mundo

Jen and Mario Global Entrepreneurs Romania

*Info on @SJ Opp. page


  • Feel free to contact each department in person and ask for information on their students' interests.
  • Use other AIESECers and ask them on reasons they would like to go on exchange. Why haven't they? FInd a solution and implement it in your pitch.
  • Maddie, from SLO- "You can connect winter peak with things like: Senior projects, research projects, job experience, utilization of skills, etc."
  • Don't lecture. Have a conversation with your audience. At the end of the day they're students just like you and don't need another 'professor' speaking to them in a monotone voice.
  • Instead of using the word internship try using first job after college.


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@imraanmnazoorshah-"It was late afternoon and the light was beautiful. Some guys were cleaning the kiln to put in new raw bricks. I had never in my life seen anything like this before -- I was there for hardly 10 minutes more or less, but in these 10 minutes my nose and throat was totally messed up with dust. I wish to highlight the plight of these guys by sharing these pictures and hope one day there will be some kind of change."

" A stunning depiction of the everyday life of an Indian brick kiln worker. "

Maria Cruz Salazar

As always feel free to contact me or any other VPs with any questions/concerns you may have.