The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing

Author: Sheila Turnage Directed by: Olivia Musel

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Critics' Quotes

"Ghostly fantastic!" - Family Friendly News

"A modern twist on a suspenseful mystery movie!" - Paramount Entertainment


"Did she say deadlines?" Harm asked, and Attila tittered like a wind-up toy. " Harm, that's enough," Miss Retzyl said.

" Harm Crenshaw!" I bellowed. " Cut it out!" A girl laughed and a wave of cold fell over us like a curtain of ice. " That ain't Harm," Dale whispered. Footsteps flew down the empty staircase like a ragged drum roll, hitting every step dead center-all thirteen of them. They turned and clattered straight for us. "Run," I cried, grabbing my camera. We scrambled to the door and yanked it open. I spun to the piano. Click. The keyboard slammed closed, sending an unearthly collision of sound rolling through the inn as Dale pounded across the porch. " I'm Mo and that's Dale and we need an interview!" I screamed, tossing our business card on the floor. And I ran for life.

Theme: Courage

The ghostly history assignment morphs into the mystery of the year

Short Summary

This movie takes place In Tupelo Landing, a small town on the east coast of North America. The run down Tupelo Inn is being auctioned off and for some reason Miss. Lana buys it. There are many creepy rumors that describe a ghost haunting it and Mo and Dale end up doing their history report on the famous ghost, Nellie Blake. A mysterious boy just moved into town, Harm Crenshaw, and offered to help fix up the inn. The problem was that they were running out of money to fix up the inn! Along the way, they find intriguing clues not only about the ghost and inn, but other unknown topics as well. This movie is full of suspense, action, and some humor. Will Mo, Dale, and Harm solve the mystery of the ghost of Tupelo Landing? What will happen next? What's with all the fractions and blueprints?

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