Nursery Rhyme



On Wednesday little johnny green was trying to drown his dads favorite cat. Then little johnny stout came strolling along and looked to see what little johnny green was doing. Then he stopped and seen what he was doing. So he ran over and stopped him from drowning the cat. Police say if the cat was under water any longer the cat would have drown. So when the vet showed up they had to give the cat cpr and get the water out of its lungs.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Well, as everybody knows Michael Jordan was an NBA superstar that played for the Bulls. He retired from the NBA twice. First in1993, then again in 1999. In 1996, he was chosen among the 50 greatest players to play the game. Jordan was born in 1963 and he is now 49-years-old. He has 39 games with 50 or more points in each game. Jordan runs his corporate empire from his office in Chicago, but he only goes there about two times a week. He has his own line of sporting clothes. Jordan retired having $40 million dollars worth of endorsements. He makes $178,100.00 dollars a day working or not. Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984. Michael Jordan has more money from Nike annually, than all of the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined. Jordan bought a share of the Charlotte Bobcats. He lives in Highland Park, Illinois. He went to the University of North Carolina. He has become engaged to a longtime girlfriend Prieto.
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Temple Run 2


I think its the best app because you can play and it will never end. And I’m pretty good at it. If you trip, a big monkey comes and eats you. You have to steal a gem and you are running from the cursed tomb of Big Red Ball the evil emperor.
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Argument- School Uniforms


1- Uniforms are bad because some people will not want to wear the uniforms.
2- They are bad because everyone looks the same.
3- You can't wear the clothes you want.
4- When you go to get school clothes, you have to go buy the same clothes.
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Movie Review


Ian McKellen- Gandalf

Martin Freeman- Bilbo Baggins

Richard Armitage- Thorin

Ken Stott- Balin

Graham McTavish- Dwalin

William Kircher- Bifur, Tom Troll

They are going on a journey through the abandoned caves of the dwarves.

New Zealand, USA

2012 PG-13

I liked it because I read the book and the book is really good.
The Hobbit Full Length Trailer # 2 HD