Monte the Tiger's Weekly Update

News from Buena Vista Montessori ~ Friday, September 23rd

Happy Friday, Buena Vista!

"The beginning of the school year for Montessori students also marks the passage of summer into fall. While we may miss the bright sunny days, autumn is a time of brilliant color, crisp air, and exciting happenings in nature. September 22 was the autumnal equinox— which is when we officially mark the changing of the seasons. The equinox marks the day that the sun shines directly over the equator, and day and night are almost exactly the same length, all over the planet!

Learning about the changing seasons and the movement of the earth are important parts of Montessori physical geography and science curriculum. Teaching students about the fascinating scientific causes of the equinoxes along with respect for these almost magical aspects of the natural world provides a full and balanced education. In many places around the world, autumn festivals are often centered around solar and lunar cycles; enjoy these sun and moon inspired fall activities that you can share with your Montessori students to celebrate the beginning of autumn!"

~ Ms. Angie

Buena Vista Principal

Go Tigers!

"I learned in order to be successful, you have try harder and use teamwork." Everett, 2nd Grade

Included in this Issue . . .

  • Upcoming Events
  • Picture Day
  • Count Day
  • Special Volunteer Needed
  • Tiger Ambush (after-school clubs)
  • Daily Specials Schedules
  • News from BV PTA
  • BV Nuts and Bolts
  • Parent & Baby Circles ~ Classes for expecting and young-child parents

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 26

  • Running Club Meet at Coronado High School

Tuesday, September 27

  • Nuts and Bolts Meeting (SAC) 3:10pm

Wednesday, September 28

  • Picture Day!!

Thursday, September 29

  • Running Club Practice at BV

Saturday, October 1

  • Cool Science Festival (see flyer below)

Monday, October 3

  • Official Count Day!
  • Running Club Meet at Garry Berry Stadium
Thursday, October 6
  • Running Club Celebration at BV

Thursday, October 13

  • End of First Quarter
  • Last Day of 1st Quarter Clubs

Friday, October 14

  • No School - Teacher Work Day

Friday, October 21

  • PTA Fall Carnival

Order School Pictures Today!

School Name: Buena Vista Elementary School

Picture Day Date: Wednesday, September 28th

Picture Day ID: EVT37NDS7

Ordering Website:

Official Count Day

Our staffing and programming depend on your student being counted on count day. Count Day is precisely what it sounds like. It is totaling the student population at each school. The more students in attendance on Oct. 3, 2022, the more teachers, support staff, and programs we are able to maintain and build at our school.

Your child’s attendance in school is important every day, especially on Oct. 3, 2022. This is the day districts are asked to report all students who are actively enrolled and attending classes through their district. By simply attending school on that day, your child can help us continue building on our great school community. We ask that you avoid this day for any appointments that may keep your student from attending school so we may Count You IN!

Here are a few practical tips to help support regular attendance:

  • Establish a regular bedtime and morning routine, including eating a healthy breakfast.
  • Lay out clothes and backpacks the night before.
  • Leave early to get to school on time.
  • Develop back-up plans for getting to school if something comes up, including parent or caregiver illness.
  • Consult with your child's teacher if your child hesitates to come to school.
  • Avoid scheduling vacations or doctor's appointments when school is in session.

Special Volunteer(s) Needed

Over the past few years, we have hired many staff members who have children who attend BV; or, the children of our staff members have started attending BV. We love our "staff kids" very much, but they are very active during our weekly Wednesday meetings!

We would very much appreciate a parent or two (or ten) to volunteer to watch these kiddos during the meetings so we can focus on growing as a teaching staff to better serve all of the children of BV!

If you are interested in helping on Wednesdays between 2:50 and 4:05 (at the latest), please reach out to Ms. Karen B. ( Thank you very much!

Tiger Ambush

Monday ~ September 19th
  • Running Club Meet at Coronado High School

Tuesday ~ September 20th

  • Kindergarten Spanish with Ms. Lulu
  • Lower El Sewing with Ms. Kirsten
  • Lower El and Upper El Crafting with Ms. Michele
  • Upper El BFG Book Club with Ms. Marni

Wednesday ~ September 21st

  • No Clubs - Building Meetings After School

Thursday ~ September 22nd

  • Preschool Science with Ms. Kirsten
  • Preschool and Kindergarten Storytime with Ms. Marni
  • Kindergarten ASL with Ms. Lulu
  • Lower El Playing with Math with Mr. Chad
  • Lower El and Upper El Crafting with Ms. Michele
  • Upper El Mystery History with Ms. Casi
  • Upper El Advanced Art with Mr. Bakken
  • Running Club Practice with Ms. Jill

Friday ~ September 23rd

  • Lower El and Upper El Coding Lab with Ms. Marni
  • Primary Crafting with Ms. Michele
  • Upper El Poetry with Ms. Kirsten
  • Lower El Science with Ms. Jill

Daily Specials Schedules

Please visit the BV Website to view the daily specials schedules for all levels! Please see the Announcements section on the left side of the page and scroll down to click the link for the level your child is in!

Or, see the calendars attached to this email.

September SAC "Nuts and Bolts" Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 27th, 3pm

BV Room 6 or Via WebEx

Join the School Accountability Committee in the September, 2022 meeting. We will be meeting with our principal, Angie Prochnow, to discuss:

  • What is Nuts and Bolts
  • DIBELS - August assessment outcomes
  • SPF Rating - Academic Achievements
  • One Plan + School of Innovation
  • PowerSchool
  • Call for Teacher/Staff representation and SAC Secretary
  • Official Count Day
  • Roundtable

Please join us in person if you can. If you prefer to join online, please refer to the log in information below.

Password: 3PwRd83jF4A

News from the BV PTA

Fall Festival

Save the date for Fall Festival! Friday, October 21st 4-7pm at the school. This is a phenomenal event, with fun to be had by all! $5 per child (caregivers are free!) includes lots of games and prizes. More info to come in a future Friday folder!

One element of Fall Festival is a fundraiser silent auction. Your teachers and/or volunteer parents should be reaching out to you for donations to classroom baskets that will be up for auction; but also if you have connections for any donations that don't fit the baskets but may be a great addition to our auction, reach out and let us know!

PAWSE with the PTA

PAWSE with the PTA continues to be a great success! At last week's PTA general meeting we passed the proposed budget with amendments that included decreasing the budget for PAWSE coffee, because members were generous to suggest a rotating schedule for providing coffee. If you'd be willing to sign up to provide coffee (purchase it, make it and bring it hot, or work on asking for a company donation) for a Wednesday this semester, click this link to sign up! [] And this coming Wednesday (9/28 - Picture Day!) we'll be meeting out back of the school so we can peek into the PTA shed for Fall Festival supplies!


Make sure to check your kids' Friday folder for the Unfundraiser flyer and a copy of the approved 2022-23 PTA budget!

Easy Ways to Contribute to BV

We have two excellently easy ways to contribute to those fundraising goals too. You may have seen the notes before about designating a fundraising beneficiary through King Soopers and Amazon Smile. We're here to tell you that those things do pay off! Last year we got over $2,700 from King Soopers, and over $200 from Amazon Smile - these fundraisers are virtually zero effort and give us great support. Here's how to sign up -

* Go to [] and set up Buena Vista Montessori PTA as your charity, then be sure to always shop from []. OR, it is now available directly from the amazon app if you set it up in settings - amazon smile.

* log in to [] and click enroll now; be sure to have your loyalty card number or alternate ID ready to link if you don't already have an account. Search for Buena Vista Montessori PTA and all of your grocery purchases going forward will benefit BV.

Take these two easy steps to have a positive impact, but also feel free to tell your friends and family! These are real dollars and support coming our way.

Be a Volunteer!

Keep an eye out for opportunities to volunteer in the school. We'll be asking in the coming months for help with picture day and fall festival, and more; and some of our teachers may be starting to look for helpers in the classrooms too. You need to be registered as a volunteer in order to spend time in the school and classroom during the day, and so save yourself some time and fill out that volunteer registration form [] now. You'll get your very own official badge to hang on the wall in the office!

Big picture

Parent and Baby Circles

Zaure, Montessori Mama, a Buena Vista parent of twins, a trained and experienced Montessori parent of multiples. She and her husband founded a Music and Montessori based daycare center in Boston, MA.

Zaure will be holding Parent & Baby Circles for expecting parents and parents with infants under 3 months old. If you have an older sibling, bring them along for a Montessori and Music class that will run separately. The class for older siblings is complimentary, but there is a $65 material fee. In October-November cohort the toddlers will be learning about the culture and music of Japan!

Parent and Baby circles are one hour long, and run in a cohort of 6 weekly or bi-weekly circles at a time. There are 4 cohorts offered throughout the school year.

The Parent and Baby circle is limited to 15 adults. If you and your partner want to come together, both parents pay registration tuition.

Please fill out the registration form, we look forward to supporting you on this journey!

Locations, dates and times:

Old City Library | Mondays, Oct 24-Nov 28 @ 9:30am

Tuition for six weekly or biweekly circles: $225

Material fee, if applicable: $65

Buena Vista School special code: 20% off with code MontessoriMama (case sensitive)

Here is the link for the class: