Just Married

Adding your spouse

Covering a Spouse and Spousal Coordination of Benefits (COB) Policy

Congratulations on your nuptials!! Remember that employees must make any qualifying life changes within 30 days. Please don't delay!

Make sure you click the button below to review the Spousal Coordination of Benefits Video.

There are two important questions to consider before enrolling your spouse in a State of Delaware health plan with prescription coverage:

  1. Is your spouse employed full-time or retired from an employer that offers health insurance?

  2. Is your spouse responsible for 50% or less of the premium for the lowest active or retiree health plan available to them?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, then your spouse is most likely required to enroll in his or her employer’s coverage. Again, please review the Spousal Coordination Video for more information.

IMPORTANT: If you cover your spouse in one of the State of Delaware’s health plans, you MUST complete a Spousal COB Form during initial enrollment, EACH YEAR during Open Enrollment and anytime their employment or insurance status changes. Failure to complete the Spousal COB Form and/or provide additional documentation when required may result in a reduction of spousal benefits.

Again, take a moment to review the Spousal Coordination Video below. If you want to add your spouse to your plan - please complete the Enrollment Form (see below). Once you have completed the Enrollment Form, you will be provided additional instructions to complete the Spousal Coordination of Benefits Form.

Please take note, that you will not be able to complete the spousal form as of yet. Please submit your enrollment form. After your benefits have been processed to add a spouse, you will be able to complete the spousal form. The Benefits Rep will send you an email, once your updates are completed. At this time, please complete the spousal coordination form on Employee Self Service.

What about Secondary Coverage

The Spousal Coordination Policy provides the rules for determining primary coverage. Often times employees ask, "Can I add my spouse to my benefits as secondary coverage?" In this case, the employee's spouse would have two coverages: one coverage through the spouse's employer plan and a second coverage with the employee's plan.

Secondary coverage is allowed as long as the spouse's employer plan is NOT a High Deductible with a Health Savings Account (HD/HSA) plan. The IRS has deemed secondary coverage are not permitted for High Deductible/HSA plans. See IRS's Ruling - https://dhr.delaware.gov/benefits/cob/documents/hd-hsa-policy.pdf

Please know that an employee can always send the spouse's benefits summary plan information to the Benefits Coordinator - Deldra Gregory-Colvin - for review.

How Much Will Coverage Cost

As you know, the Colonial School District provides two stipends for medical and local benefits. Please see the Rate Sheet which includes applicable stipend - amounts https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n-S-SfKWkvvKlhChJggm_O05n43XQZ-8/view?usp=sharing

  • Employee Only Coverage for PPO Comprehensive Healthcare, Plan A Dental, and Vision coverages are FREE.
  • Employee and Spouse Coverage for PPO Comprehensive Healthcare, Plan, and Vision coverages are about $34.00 per pay
  • Employee and Children Coverage for PPO Comprehensive Healthcare, Plan A Dental, and Vision coverages are about $14.00 per pay
  • Family Coverage for PPO Comprehensive Healthcare, Plan A Dental, and Vision coverages are about $105.00 per pay

Administrators, Specialists, and Data Services' stipends amounts are different - please send an email to Deldra for your snapshot amounts.

Required Forms

To complete enrollment, employees must complete the Enrollment Form and provide a copy of the marriage certificate. Employees have the option to mail, fax (302) 323 2748 or scan required forms to Benefits Coordinator (see contact information below). Please do not forget to include your marriage certificate.

Additional Optional Forms

This is a great time to update a few more forms. In particular, this is an awesome time to review your beneficiary information on all of your plans (Retirement, Life Insurance, Voya, etc). Please read the Beneficiary Newsletter for more information.

In addition, this is a great time to review your tax forms. See links below to review for IRS Tax Forms.

Name Change

Employees who wish to change their name should contact Dominique.Amos@colonial.k12.de.us. Dominque, HR Secretary is responsible for processing all name change requests

Having Issues Accessing Employee Self Service


All staff – (Part-Time, Full-Time, Casual/Seasonal, EPER & Student Workers) have access to Employee Self Service (ESS). This is where you will view your paycheck, access your personal information to update your contact information; home address, telephone and view your benefits. Access to ESS is through my.delaware.gov. ALL State of Delaware employees (Colonial School District staff) are required to setup their my.delaware.gov accounts. If you have not yet taken action to do this, please take a moment. There’s a video link below that will walk you through the step by step instructions on how to setup the account. This is a great tool for anyone who needs support with the process my.delaware.gov.

Link to Creating Your My.Delaware.Gov Account: https://youtu.be/4-Qm-b9edho

Link to My.Delaware.Gov: State of Delaware - Sign In


  • There is a 24-72 hour delay from when you complete the steps to setup and activate the account to when you will see the ESS tile appear within your my.delaware.gov account. If you are planning to attend and of the First Payday Workshops on Sept 9th, you MUST have taken action to setup and activate your account no later than Tuesday, Sept 6th
  • If after the 24-72 hour wait timeframe you do not see the Employee Self Service tile/box, then message Shelley Vincent (michelle.vincent@colonial.k12.de.us) with the home email address you entered when registering for the account.
  • You can also contact Dept of Technology (DTI) direclty at 1-866-751-7833 to request tech support. Please note Colonial School District Technology team is not responsible for my.delaware.gov – this is run through DTI.
  • If you setup your account during the previous school year, OR you transferred to Colonial School District from another State of Delaware School District, Charter or Merit agency, then you will use the same information/account previously setup

Colonial School Benefits

Employees can send completed forms

  1. Through mail - see address below
  2. Fax 302 323 2748
  3. Scan through email - see email address below
  4. Text message 302 365 0685

CSD Notice

The Colonial School District shall not discriminate in its employment practices or its educational programs and activities of students on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, domicile, marital status, disability, genetic information, veteran status, or any legally protected characteristic.