Updates from your Library Learning Commons

The OLA Superconference

On January 27th and 28th I attended the Ontario Library Association Superconference at the Metro Convention Centre. This conference was awesome and I have brought back many things to share with each department. I know the start of the semester can be very busy but I would love to meet with you and your department to share some of the things that I picked up that are specific to your curricular area. It is my hope that we can co-teach some lessons and plan activities for our students collaboratively. This is something we have done in the library learning commons in the first semester and we would like to continue the spirit of collaboration in semester two. Please let me know when a good time to meet would be. It does not need to be a formal meeting.

Freedom To Read Week

February 21-27 is Freedom to Read Week. The freedom to read books of our choosing is a fundamental right, and is one that we should all seek to protect. In the library learning commons we have a display that includes novels that have been challenged in Canada (we are currently using many of them as part of our curriculum). During that week, we will be hosting a number of activities for students to participate in. If you could discuss this week with your students and encourage them to come down and check out the list of books that have been challenged in Canada, that would be greatly appreciated! For more information about Freedom to Read Week, please check out the website below:

Changes to the Physical Space of the Library Learning Commons

As we start semester two, you will find that the library learning commons may look a little different than what you remember. We have lowered the bookshelves to open up the space and improve sight lines. We are removing the large table from the seminar room in favour of more of the modular tables so that you can have greater flexibility to change the space how you see fit. In addition to the four club chairs we already have, we will be adding four more. Finally, we will be adding another table to the main teaching space in the library. We rely heavily on your input to make this space user friendly for staff and students, so please don't hesitate to speak to us about the changes we are making.

Purchasing Materials for Semester Two

We have been working with departments to purchase materials that will be helpful in supporting their curriculum. We recently purchased audio book novels (i.e. The Hunger Games, Of Mice and Men, etc.) for the English and Special Education departments, but these can be used and enjoyed by all students. If there are materials that you feel you could use with your department, please let us know.

Black History Month

For the entire month of February, the library learning commons will be celebrating Black History Month. Our display board and main area of the library is filled with posters, highlighting the achievements of African Canadians. We encourage you to check out the video wall presentation of prominent African Canadians as well as the book display in the library. We will also be giving away bookmarks recognizing the achievements of African Canadian women. Please encourage your students to visit the library learning commons to celebrate Black History Month with us.

Forest of Reading

The Forest of Reading program has begun! We are looking to attract more students to participate in the program and get reading. Many of the selections this year have a social justice theme and could be used as part of your curriculum. Whether you are a teacher participant or someone who loves to read, we would appreciate your assistance in helping us to promote the Forest of Reading program. Students have until April to finish their books and we have books for a variety of reading levels. We also have some pretty awesome prizes to give away too!

Peer Tutoring

We will be continuing the Peer Tutoring program in the second semester. Please encourage any students who are having difficulty in your courses to sign up for tutoring as soon as possible. Once students have filled out their application forms, please send them to the library learning commons to see me.

Upcoming Events - Plan Ahead!

February 29th - Guest Speaker for Black History Month (Period 2)

March 23rd - Eric Walters visits LASS (Period 1 and 2)

May 9th - Mark Newman visits with a presentation on invasive species (Period 1 and 2)