February 22, 2021

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Global Health Seminar: Ethics of COVID-19 Response

Date: Thursday, February 25

Time: 4PM


Jim Thomas, MPH, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, and Director, MEASURE Program, Carolina Population Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Speaker Details: Dr. Thomas’s work in public health spans more than 35 years and 35 countries. His principal interests are in social forces underlying epidemics, ethical concerns in digital surveillance, and the ethical practice of public health in a pandemic. In addition to his many scholarly articles, he was an editor and author of a textbook on epidemiologic methods in the study of infectious diseases and principal author of the initial American Public Health Association’s Code of Ethics. As director of the MEASURE Program, Dr. Thomas is leading a global team that is advancing the capacity of developing countries to monitor their epidemics. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Thomas is advising government planning groups, speaking and writing on pandemic ethics, and has created an online Pandemic Ethics Dashboard as a resource for policymakers.

Environmental Health Seminar: Fumonisin as a possible contributing factor to human disease in Guatemala

Date: Friday, February 26

Time: 11:30AM

Zoom Meeting ID: 941 5555 0151 Passcode: EHSC8030

Ron Riley, Ph.D., former toxicologist and principal investigator, USDA-ARS Toxicology & Mycotoxin Research Unit in Athens, GA

Speaker Details: Dr. Ron Riley received a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in biology from the University of California Davis, California State University Humboldt, and Oregon State University, respectively. He is a retired research toxicologist who worked 40 years for the US government, including 3 years in the Navy, 2 years with the US EPA, and 35 years with the USDA/ARS in Athens, Georgia. He has been an adjunct faculty and graduate faculty at the University of Georgia since 1983 and mainly involved in the instruction and advising graduate students in the EHS Department and the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program (ITP). He is a current member of the ITP Executive Committee. He has served as a scientific expert for the WHO/FAO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives. He has also served as an invited scientific expert/task group/working group member for the International Program on Chemical Safety, IARC, and European Food Safety Authority. He has been a leading researcher in mycotoxin, especially for fumonisin, research field. In addition, he is a senior member of SOT and served as the president of the SOT Food Safety Specialty Section.

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