Assessment for Learning

Formative and Summative Assessments

Key Strategies from Video

  1. Clarifying, understanding, and sharing learning intentions
  2. Engineering effective classroom discussions, tasks, and activities that elicit evidence of learning
  3. Providing Feed that moves learners forward
  4. Activating students as learning resources for one another
  5. Activating students as owners of their own learning

My Own ideas about Formative and Summative assessments

Formative assessment represents significant event, intergraded learning experiences from multiple domains such as:

  • Discussion of work
  • Student reflection
  • Teacher observations
  • Creating evidence
Summative assessments demonstrate the visible development and conceptual understanding such as:

  • End of the year test
  • Achieving grade level expectations
  • Providing evidence

How both sets of ideas could be implemented to create an effective Pre Kindergarten classroom environment

Equally effective

Both assessments have a purpose and together they contribute to all students learning goals and levels of education such as Pre school, Elementary, High School, and College.