The Egg Drop

JJ's Journey

Idea #1

first we put packaging peanuts and the egg in a cup and used the string to tape a parachute on. then we taped the other cup on top of the other one.

Idea #2

we instead did a paper airplane! we added 2 airplanes on each side of the cup and it flew waaaaaay softer when we threw it down the stairs, then i decided to add a straw at the point to stop the front from breaking, but little did i know it made the landing much more safer!

JJ's Journey

Final Day

Frequently Asked Question

people were always asking, "does the airplanes work"? to that i say, "yes".

Egg Drop Time!

it was our eggs turn to be dropped, it glided to saftey! we thought it was ok, but we found a crack at the bottom so JJ went SPLAT!