Phillip the Prudent

Duke, Military Leader, King (1527–1598)

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A synonym for monarchy; Absolutism is when a single king or queen, rules with unrestricted power among his or hers land and people. E.g Phillip the II

Phillips rise to power.

Born in Valladolid, Spain; Growing up, Phillip was a simple Spanish man whom enjoyed collecting rare books and reading, but was bad at languages. Phillip went through four marriages throughout his lifetime (two of which were cousins). Those marriages ended with Phillip ruling England,France but mostly Spain.

Good or bad?

Phillip for the most part wasn't a good or bad ruler, because many choices made for the country weren't decisions made by him but his staff. See, Phillip lacked confidence which made the decision process longer than that normal. That fact also shows how Phillip was a good ruler. E.g Phillips marriages were mostly the result of many long term relationships with countries rulers, in order to make peace.


Phillip II was not a good or bad ruler to me. To me he's a historical figure; a reminder of our earths past. So saying weather he should stay or go is irrelevant, and deciding who should go and leave now is my main focus. "Right actions in the future are the best apologies for bad actions in the past" -Tryon Edwards