PFES - Board Report

April, 2021

Monthly Safety Drill: Tornado

Date: 4/16/2021

Subject: School Safety Monthly Report to School Board

The Park Falls Elementary School conducted a tabletop drill and a functional drill to validate the current emergency plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for a Tornado scenario on Friday, April 16 , 2021 at 8:05 AM with all students and staff. Following morning announcements, for the tabletop portion I reviewed a 6 slide powerpoint that focused on the importance of the "Tuck and Hold" position. For the functional portion, the throughout the day, teachers took their students to their assigned Tornado safe sites and they practiced the Tuck and Hold position.

District Assessment Coordinator

  • State Testing: The Forward test which is given to grades 3-8 and 10 is ongoing beginning last week.
  • The DLM, or Dynamic Learning Maps, is given to specific special education students when the Forward test would be inappropriate for their skills and abilities. That test is administered by staff with specific training. The testing window for the DLM is the same as the testing window for the Forward.
  • Mrs. Patterson will be offering an ACT retake day in June.

Accomplishments and Activities

  • The number of virtual students in the PFES decreased 9 students to 7 this past month.
  • Completed 15 teacher observations. Beginning observation summative reports
  • Lead monthly Educator Effectiveness support group
  • Continued Summer School Planning work. It is nearly complete for PFES. The next step is to edit the "District Summer School Offerings Book" and invite students. Students that are below grade level expectations based on our spring AimsWeb Plus assessment will get a personal invitation and follow up call to participate.
  • Planned District Tornado Drill
  • Added Mr. Oswald to the Government Emergency Calling Service (GETS) account. Placed a practice call to review procedures.
  • Completed spring parent and teacher conferences. These were phone conversations that teachers set up to address ongoing needs within their students.
  • Planned Spring PFES music concert - May 14th!
  • Completed interviews for available elementary teaching positions
  • Held three student attendance concern meetings with parents
  • Completed the transition to "all in" in concert with the District

Preparation for Math Curriculum Adoption

Kacey and I arranged a conversation with staff from the Holy Hill School District between their math committee and our elementary staffs. Holy Hill adopted and are finishing year one of implementing Illustrative Mathematics.

Questions from our staff focused on material prep, time allotments, and digital supports. In addition to providing responses for those topics, Holy Hill staff discussed scheduling, standards based grading practices, and recommended we provide ongoing training for our staff as the year progresses. The Holy Hill staff were effusive in their praise of the curriculum.

Kacey and I also met with the Director of Instruction and Curriculum for the Fort Atkinson School district, another Illustrative Mathematics school district to discuss standards based grading practices.

The elementaries are incorporating standards based grading practices as a supplemental report card in the lower grades and have done so for many years. We are in discussion about expanding that practice to the upper elementary grades as well because the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum is designed to be graded by standard.

Standards based grading is intended to provide clear communication between students, parents, and teachers about each student's progression learning each standard. It is useful when planning future lessons and or reteaching of missed skills.

Looking Forward

The Months of April and May

  • Complete master schedule for 2021-22
  • Build student class rosters for next year
  • Begin planning summer work, August inservice
  • Complete hiring process for vacancies
  • Complete Teacher Summative Conferences
  • May 14 PFES music concerts