Human Body Systems...

By: Binivaa Manandhar 3rd Period

Integumentary System...

~The integumentary system has 2 main functions:
  • First, it helps maintain homeostasis, which maintains temperature and protects the body from outside elements.(sicknesses)
  • Second, the system helps remove substances like: oils and sweats.
~There are 3 main layers:
  • The epidermis is the top layer of the integumentary sytem
  • The dermis is the middle layer, and the biggest layer, and it is located below the epidermis.
  • The fat layer is the bottom layer, and it consists of all the fat.

Nervous System...

~There are 3 major functions of the Nervous System:
  • First, the nervous system senses the changes internally and externally, which we call the sensory function.
  • Second, the nervous system interprets the sensory information(finds the meaning from the senses) and we call this the integration function.
  • Lastly, the nervous system takes the information from the integration system and processes it, and we call it the motor function.

Skeletal System...

~There are 5 main functions of the skeletal system:
  • Our skeletal system helps support and shape our body.
  • The joints and muscles work together in the skeletal system to help us move.
  • The bones of our skeletal system protect our vital organs, for example: our ribs protect our lungs and heart.
  • The skeletal systems bones store minerals, such as calcium.
  • In the skeletal system red and white blood cells are formed by tissue called narrow, which is in the center of the bone.(makes blood)