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Main Facts On Uruguay

Capital: Montevideo

President: Jose Mujica

Language: Spanish

Population: 3,332,972

Kinds Of Religion In Uruguay

Most population in Uruguay considers themselves as Christians, about 58.1% of the population. After that follows the religion of Roman Catholic about 47% of the population beliefs are within this religion. Their is still a big percent in Uruguay with people without religion, about 40.89%.

Major Ethnic Groups In Uruguay: European, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mestizo.

Holidays, Customs, and Traditions

HOLIDAYS : New Year's Day, 1 January; Epiphany, 6 January; Landing of the 33, 19 April; Labor Day, 1 May; Battle of Las Piedras, 18 May; Birthday of Artigas, 19 June; Constitution Day, 18 July; Independence Day, 25 August; Columbus Day, 12 October; All Souls' Day, 2 November; Blessing of the Waters, 8 December; Christmas Day, 25 December.