Character Education Week 5

March 21 - March 25, 2016

Recap of Week 4

You've completed for weeks of Character Education! Are you beginning to see how this course connects to our everyday lives?

During Week 4 of this course, you should have completed lesson 16-20 in Unit 4. In addition to completing these lessons, you should have completed project 4 and Quiz 4. You should have also participated in last week' synchronous session. You have were not able to attend, please click HERE to access the recording. Be sure to complete the exit ticket that appears at the end of the recording. Once you have complete the exit ticket, be sure to contact me to let me know that you are done with this assignment.

What's in Store for Week 5


Learning Target: I will be able to identify my leadership characteristics.

Lesson 21: Rights

Learning Target: I will respect the rights and dignity of others, including the right to disagree.

Lesson 22: Right Actions

Learning Target: I will develop a sense of responsibility for right actions.

Lesson 23: Values and Actions

Learning Target: I will evaluate and make corrections to my actions.

Lesson 24: Integrity

Learning Target: I will be able to set a good example for others and be a positive influence.

Lesson 25: Leadership

Learning Target: I will lead in a moral way.

Project 5

In this week's project, you will contact a leader in your community and write a letter of gratitude for his or her hard word and leadership.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the best grade possible:

· Write in complete sentences.

· Always capitalize the letter "I" when talking about yourself.

· Make sure your paragraphs have at least 3-5 sentences.

· Re-read your responses to make sure they sound how you want them too!

As long as you follow the directions, answer the questions for each lesson, and follow the above tips, you will do great on project 5! If you have any specific questions, give me a call!



Motivation is the key to success in school. Although your teachers and parents can provide you with some helpful hints to enhance motivation, they cannot motivate you. You are responsible for your study habits, for seeking resources and assistance, and for managing your time. You have to want to do well enough to put forth the effort.

There are types of motivation. The first one is outer motivation. These are things such as good grades, money, trips, and shopping sprees. You do something good and you get a reward. Self-motivation is doing something because YOU want to and your reward is knowing that you did your best. For example, you are a dedicated basketball player and you practice every day. You work hard and then game day comes around. You score 25 points and have been voted Most Valuable Player at the end of the game. Self-motivation is what made you go to practice everyday and work hard. Outer motivation is the praise, the points scored and winning MVP of the game.

Now, ask yourself if you are doing what it takes to be the MVP in class or at home?