French Revolution

By: Tyler Adrian

Storming of the Bastille

The storming of the Bastille was when a crowed of people tried to organize a hand over of the gunpowder that the prison kept. But the governor of the prison "De Launey" said that they would not hand it over. So the people broke into the prison and the prison gaurds opened fire on the crowed kill around 100 people. It looked as if every thing was under control then a group of royal guards broke open the prison doors and the whole crowd out side came running in and De Launey surrendered. De Launey was then beheaded and his head was put on a spike.

Champ de Mars Massacre

This massacre happened when a crowd gathered to sign a petition for a republican constitution. Things got out of hand and the national guard was called in and 50 people died and many more injured. This created more distrust by the revolutionaries.

Overthrow of the Monarchy

This happened when 20,000 people gathered in front of the palace demanding that the king be thrown out. But the king Refused so the and the National Guards switched sides so that they where against the king and the Swiss Guards opened fire on the people and the people invaded the castle killing anyone in their way. The King was forced the surrender and was given to the people

September Massacre

This massacre was caused by the invasion of the Austrian/Prussian forces. People formed vigilante groups condemned 1200 prisoners to death on counter-revolutionary charges. (Which was very unlikely)

Republic is Declared

The National Convention was set up on September 21 1792. The next day france was declared a Republic.