located in Ontario,Canada


London is a city in south western Ontario, Canada, and it has a population of 366,151 people. There are many different ethnic groups,so you will always feel welcome. London's climate is cool in the winter and warm in the summer. There are many places of special interest you can visit like Elmo W. Curtis Garden and Rayner Gardens that has over 4000 different roses, but well get into that later. I hope i will convince you that london is the BEST CITY in Canada!

Natural Features

Physical Geography

In this section I will be talking about the natural physical characteristics of this amazing city, the climate and the vegetation region in this city.

Land form Region

London is located in the St. Lawrence Lowlands region. This land form region is 46000 km and its all plains good for farming and housing. This land form region was formed because of the weathering and erosion by rivers, 100 million years ago.This flat region is covered with Palaeozoic sedimentary rock.The St. Lawrence Lowlands is dominated by the Montenegrin mountains that are spread over 20 km. The rocks in this region from lowest to highest are sandstone, dolomite, limestone and shale.It is believed that there were no volcanoes in this region because there is no direct evidence making us to believe of any volcano activity.London has a geographical area of 420.57 km. This area was formed from the retreat of the glaciers of the last ice age. The elevation of London is 251m (823 feet) This is the reason for the high snowfall and rain fall.


The climate region of London is lower lakes. This region is humid because of the windward location from lake Huron and its different elevations in the city. London experiences large seasonal contrast because of the great lakes. The summers are usually warm to hot and humid, with an average of 20.8 C, on the other hand, if you like snow you would love this area, because we get a total of 2 meters of snow per year. Our winter is cold but not the coolest in Canada. We get a total of 990 mm of rain a year (good for the crops) Our coolest average temperature we get is 1 C and we get this in December. Most our snow comes from the nearby lakes. This effect is called the lake effect and it is when cold air comes from the lakes and cools our city, therefore making it snow.

Vegetaion region

The vegetation region of London is deciduous forest region. This is the most southerly vegetation region. This region is situated north of lake Erie. This region has the most tree and shrubs species in all of Canada. It contains black walnut, butternut, tulip, magnolia, black gum, many types of oaks, hickories, sassafras and red bud. This region has a number of nationally rare species of mammals, birds, plants and insects. Some examples are the sassafras and tulip tree, the southern flying squirrel and red-bellied woodpecker.· Many species of reptiles and amphibians can also be found in the region, such as the black rat snake, milk snake and Gray tree frog.This region contains more than 25% of Canada's population. This region is widely populated because this area has rich soil, the climate is good for agriculture and it has the greatest diversity of tree species.

Human Geography

Population/Interesting places

The branch of geography dealing with how human activity affects or is influenced by the earth's surface.


The population of London is 366, 151 thousand people. 48695 of these people are from Europe. 20475 of these people are Asia and middle east. 14385 of these people are from the united kingdom. 7170 of these people are from central and south america. 4275 of these people are from united states. finally, 750 of these people are from Oceania and other. The density of London is only 870.6/km compared to Mississauga's density is 2,439.9/km


London has many cool and amazing festivals. I will talk to you about two of these festivals. The first festival is called the sunfest festival. This festival is a non-profit community festival, that means it is free. This festival is the second biggest festival in all of Canada. This festival is also one of the top 100 summer destination in north america. This festival is dedicated to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the arts across a range of things like music dance and visual arts. This year they have a new concert series called world music and jazz, this concert is open all year round and it is also free. The second festival is chalk street painting. This festival is also a non-profit organization. This festival is incorporated to bring the art of street panting to the citizens and artists of London. This festival is also made to teach London's youth about street art and how important it is.

Places of Special Interest

Elmo W. Curtis Garden and Rayner Gardens

This garden is often called rose garden due to the many roses in this garden. In 1970 they had 4000 roses surrounding a pond. This garden still looks the same as it did in 1970. This park was made from a mother in a memory for her son. This park is open all year round with a variety of roses changing from month to month. They have early spring bulbs, roses in June, perennials from may till October and annuals from June till September. This park is completely free.(Elmo W. Curtis Garden and Rayner Gardens, 2013)

Spring Bank Park

London bought this park in 1874 to use the abundant of fresh water. This park has become one of Canada best examples of urban parkland. This park is about 300 acres big. It has everything from natural woodlands to formal garden vistas. In the heart of the park it has a highly popular family attraction storybook gardens. This park was closed and then re-opened after extensive renovations. They have a new outdoor venue that contains two main area. The first area is a cluster of buildings with amazing landscaped gardens. The second area contains scenic trail through natural woodlands. This park is open from dawn to dusk all year round.(Spring Bank Park, 2012)

Adventures On WonderLand

This is London's largest indoor playground and family entertainment facility. All children are allowed in this indoor playground, from infants to 13 years can explore all day and play in the playground. Main feature is the jungle climber, a four level soft play structure with tunnels, ball bins, mazes and slides. They have a special playroom for kids five and younger. This playroom includes small ball bin, interactive games, slides and an arts and craft area. Also they have a play village with small houses and play cottages. They have a skill games area with air hockey, video and redemption style games. They also have a laser tag adventure arena for children(Adventures On Wonder Land ,2013)



The wealth and resources of a country or region, esp. in terms of the production and consumption of goods and services.

Major transportation

London has a variety of ways to get around the city and the country. First, they have road transportation. They have highway 401 that connects to London to Toronto and Detroit, highway 402 to Sarnia and highway 403 which diverges from 401 that provides easy access to Brentford, Hamilton, the golden horseshoe area and the Niagara peninsula. Secondly, London transit. This system is run by London transit commission, it has 38 bus routes throughout the city and its getting better over the years. Several taxies and for-hire limousine services. Recently they constructed cycle ways in order to encourage reduction in auto mobile use. Also, they are in the Canadian national railway between Toronto and Chicago with a secondary main line to Windsor. Finally, They have an airport called "London international airport" This airport is served by airlines including Canada jazz, united airlines and west jet. This airport has direct flights to domestic and international destinations, , including Toronto, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary and Cancun.

Natural Resources

London's economy is dominated by many things, but the most important ones are medical research, insurance, manufacturing and information technology. The headquarters of the Canadian division of 3M are located in London.

Major industries

London has over 15636 comapsines in London. Major companies in London are London health sciences centre, St. joseph’s health care London, western university, TD Canada trust and London life insurance company.

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