Educational system


In Scotland, where the educational system is clearly different from the rest of the United Kingdom, the concept of public school that once was used officially to describe the state schools though the preference is that now one gives to the termend " been the school ". The use of the public schools in Scotland is ambiguous in the definition, since it(he) can be used in both contexts, as the schools, as Fettes College in Edinburgh thinks often close to other private independent schools, nevertheless, the nature of Scotland use of the term(end) he(she) has found favor abroad, especially in the United States and Canada.
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·Scotland's Universities.


·The courses more commoly offered are the following ones.




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There are no requirements of entry. There has been established the Curriculum of common Excellence for the student body from 3 to 18 years. The evaluation is constant and discussed with the parents.

Scotland's Universities

Scotland has more world class universities per head of population than anywhere else in the world. With 19 world class institutions, Scotland’s university sector offers unparalleled quality and choice. We are proud to offer the highest rates of student satisfaction in quality of teaching in all of Britain. Scotland’s universities offer their graduates the highest rate of employment or further study in the whole of the United Kingdom.
Stirling - Escocia | Un paseo por el campus de la Universidad de Stirling | Mamá tú no mires

The courses more commonly offered are the following ones:

1.Advanced level.( A levels)

2.Advanced level. (IB)

3.Vocational National qualification(NVQ)

4.Calificación Vocacional Nacional Gral (GNVQ).

5.Courses(Years) Basic(Access o Foundation Courses).

El Paradigma del Sistema Educativo


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