Week of August 12th...

LA Staff News

Weekly Calendar

Monday: (Casual dress)

Teacher Work Session: 8:00-9:30

8:15 AM: Liberty Education Foundation will bring Lamar’s as they take 15 minutes to tell us about the Foundation for the year!

  1. Big3 Workshop-based Framework

    1. Value, Staff Buy-in

    2. Sample Lessons

    3. Who delivers and where?

  2. 11 Executive Functioning Skills

    1. How do we currently build?

    2. S1 Focus: Time Management and Task Initiation

Visible Learning at LN Theatre: 10:00-11:30

Teacher Work Session: 12:00-4:00

Tuesday, August 13th: Recovery Room Instructor Start Day--Eddie Richey (Casual Dress)

**8:00 AM--Breakfast provided by PTA Peggy!

Building Session: 8:00-11:30

  1. Restorative Practices (big topic but waiting for Eddie and Ted to be working)

    1. Summary of philosophy, theory and practice

    2. Charting minor behaviors: BehaviorFlip

    3. Weight of “events”

    4. Vaping, Walkouts

    5. Role of Eddie

  2. Weekly Calendar and First Three Week Outline of Activity

Teacher Work Session: 12:30-4:00

Wednesday, August 14th: First day of school. Wear LA attire.



Upcoming Dates:

  • August 19th: Back to School Night 6:00-7:00
  • August 23rd: Staff Pictures at 8:00; Underclassmen and Seniors to follow
  • August 30th: All School Speaker 1:00 at LPAT: Rick Ross

Why is Teaching this SEL Stuff Such a Big Deal?

Big picture

A Great Movie to Help Understand WHY we Need to Teach SEL

Inside Out - Official US Trailer

SEL Instruction Will Be Done by ALL Adults

Big picture

Ready or not, here they come!

I might be the most excited about this school year. We have learned a lot, and we never settle for status quo. A few reminders before we get started:

  • If you have not read the WHOLE pre-service document, please do so ASAP.
  • Advisors: You can learn a lot about your new students by reading the responses from their parents.
  • If you are not comfortable or do not understand something, please come talk to me. We move at a fast pace, and I want to be able to support you!

Thank you to each and every one of you who make this school the best it can be. I am privileged to be able to learn with you every day! Cheers to being engines of HOPE for our students!

Liberty Academy Staff 2019-2020

Melissa Norris, Director

Debi Straws, Secretary

Lori Streu, Counselor

Andrea Johnson, Social Worker

Mark Krause, Interventionist

Eddie Richey, ISS Instructor

Justin Fetters, Security

Ted Maxwell, Safety

Christine Patterson, Long Term Suspension

Lisa Augustine, Missouri Option Program

Judy Smith, Alt. Ed. Teacher

Art Smith, Teacher

Chad Brinkmeyer, Teacher

Summer Kelley, Teacher

Nick Schwieder, Teacher

Paul Richardson, Teacher

Jared Haferbier, Special Education Teacher

Jodi Williams-Sipes, .75 Teacher

Zach Osborne, Teacher

Janet Knoke-LA Cafeteria

Stacey-LA Custodian

Kathy Wright-LMS Nurse

Ed Leal-Technology

Clayton Smith-LMS Head Custodian

Kim Sadler-LMS Cafeteria Manager