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Friday, January 12, 2018

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No School: January 15 & 16

End of 1st Semester/2nd Quarter

The end of the 1st Semester and 2nd Quarter is Friday, January 12. Staff will work on Monday to finalize grades and comments. With these being semester grades, reports will be mailed out to families in the next week.

Franklin Apparel Order

We have our new apparel orders available online. Follow the link to our next apparel order. The clothing is ordered online and shipped directly to your address. Don't miss out on some high-quality items that look and wear great! Here's the link:

The window closes on Tuesday, January 23.

Secretarial Staff Change

With the new calendar year we also welcome some new changes to our Main Office & Counseling Secretarial Staff. Diane Franklin retired as of December 31. We will miss Diane and are appreciative of everything she did for the Franklin Staff, Students, and Families.

  • Angel Jacobo: Angel was previously in the Counseling Office for the past two years. She is now the Associate Principal's Secretary.
  • Nancy Coffman: Nancy came out of retirement to be our new Counseling Office Secretary. Nancy worked previously in the district as a point-person for Powerschool.

Please join me in welcoming Angel & Nancy.

Winter Parent-Teacher Conferences

Included with the grade reports will be a letter informing you of Winter Conferences. Parent-Teacher Conferences are set for this winter and online sign up procedures are in place. Conference times and dates are:

  • Monday, February 12th from 3:00-8:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday, February 20th from 3:00-8:30 p.m.

Parent conferences are an important part of the parent-school partnership necessary for a successful education. Franklin has an excellent tradition of parent involvement, and we would really like you to join us. It is expected that your student join you for this conference as they will have important insight into their educational progress.

Parents may sign up for conference times online via the link available through the website: or from our Franklin website:

The link will be activated Monday, January 29th and will close at midnight on Friday, February 9th. Once you are on the site, simply use your student’s first and last name as the login and then your student’s birthday or student ID number as the password to sign up for conference sessions.

Thursday Tutoring Returns

Our tutoring partnership with Washington High School students will return after the start of the second semester on Thursday, January 25. After that we will plan on every Thursday until the end of the year unless otherwise announced. Tutoring goes from 3:00-4:00 and is supervised by Franklin Staff. Students that attend are also provided a snack. If you're interested in your child attending please contact our Counseling Office.

Franklin Future Grading-Learner Centered Assessment


Beginning in the 2018-19 school year Franklin will be the fourth of six Cedar Rapids' middle schools to use Learner-Centered Assessment (LCA) as a way to assess student performance and guide teacher instruction. The other middle schools are Harding, McKinley, and Roosevelt.

LCA is mindset shift, getting away from pure letter grades and instead focusing on student's progress through content area standards. We understand there are some thoughts to what LCA is/is not. We currently have a handful of teachers that are already using LCA with their classes. During the spring we will work to provide families with articles and learning sessions to keep you informed of the process. We understand the importance of speaking with our students, but also informing parents since it's a shift to "what we know and what we've always done". Our staff has spent a portion of our Professional Learning devoted to LCA and will take more time this spring so we can hit the ground running next fall.

Below is an informational video that was used in the past to provide background to families. Be on the lookout for more information.

Parent Learning Sessions

During our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences we will have several opportunities for you to learn about LCA. Kathy Slaman and Franklin Staff will be there to walk through what is and is not LCA. We encourage you to come learn more. No sign-up is needed and we're blocking 45 minutes for each session.

  • Monday, February 12 @ 4:00PM & 6:00PM
  • Tuesday, February 20 @ 4:00PM & 6:00PM

More information will be coming out.

Hy-Vee Homeroom Receipt Challenge Results

We would like to thank all Franklin students and families for bringing in Hy-Vee receipts for last week's Homeroom Receipt Challenge. We were overwhelmed with the response we received and collected a phenomenal (Drum Roll Please) $139,022.57. Our top-collecting homerooms of Ms. Barker and Ms. Deaton received donuts for their hard work.

Families are still encouraged to bring Hy-Vee Grocery, Gas, and Pharmacy to the main office. The deadline to be used towards this year's totals is March 31. We will hold another Homeroom Challenge before the deadline.

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Student Spotlight

This year we're again recognizing students who exemplify what it means to do your PARRT at Franklin. We call this feature our Spotlight Students. Twice a month teachers will select four students from their respective grade level. PARRT is the curriculum we use with our students to teach appropriate and expected behaviors in the school and positive relationships with their classmates. PARRT stands for:

P: Personal Best

A: Active Listening

R: Respect

R: Responsibility

T: Trustworthiness

6th Grade

Ryleigh Baker, Daraiya Hurt, Ben Knipfer, Luke O'Brien

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7th Grade

Ben Blocklinger, Colby Dolphin, Lucy Niemuth, Lillianne Weeks

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8th Grade

Jacquelyn Elm, Isaac Fieser, Ainsley Harger, Meena Ramadugu

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From Our Counseling Department

High School Registration & Visits

This is a quick reminder that your student will be participating in the following upcoming 8th grade transition activities:

Washington High School

  • High School Orientation at Franklin with Washington counselors (January 18)
  • Parent and Student Orientation at Washington High School (January 29: 6:30-9:00 pm)
  • Fine Arts Assembly- students will be bussed to their assigned high school for this (February 6: 9:00-11:00 am)
  • High School Registration at Franklin Middle School with Washington counselors (February 13)

Kennedy High School

  • High School Orientation at Franklin with Kennedy counselors (January 18)
  • Parent and Student Orientation at Kennedy High School (February 1 at 6:00 pm)
  • Fine Arts Assembly- students will be bussed to their assigned high school for this (February 6: 9:00-11:00 am)
  • Cougar Talk Night for parents and students at Kennedy High School (February 12)
  • High School Registration at Franklin Middle School with Kennedy counselors (February 13)
  • Students will be expected to attend the events associated with their currently assigned high school. If you need to pick up an in district permit you can do so in the counseling office. Counselors will work individually with any students attending high schools other than Washington and Kennedy. Thank you for your understanding and assistance as we get ready to prepare your child for their transition into high school

7th Grade STEM Trip

This was a pilot year for STEM II Institute to host 7th graders at Linn County Regional Center in Hiawatha on December 19, 2017. Participating school districts include Cedar Rapids, College Community, Linn-Mar and Marion, as well as the area Home School Associations. The original STEM I Institute was developed 6 years ago as a collaboration with the University of Iowa Health Care and Workplace Learning Connection to provide interactive experiences with a heavy STEM focus. This event has been so successful and well received by students and teachers in the delivery of STEM education and careers that it’s being duplicated in Linn County. Our Franklin 7th graders participated in three interactive presentations from STEM related businesses, some examples being; Cedar Rapids Fire Department, Rockwell Collins, Mercy Medical Center, Marion Police Department, Schneider Electric, TransAmerica, and National Advanced Driving Simulator . This event provided an opportunity for our students to begin to understand how to determine a best career fit for themselves and prepare them for a successful STEM Institute experience.

Other Information

Waiting in the Morning

The colder weather has finally arrived. With the change in temperature we wanted to provide information about waiting in the morning. We encourage students to dress appropriately. Students will wait outside until the temperature goes below 25 degrees.

Friday Theme Days

One of our ways to create a sense of community and school spirit is Theme Fridays. Please see the picture below for the list of this year's themes. We love to see as many students participate as possible.
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Upcoming Events

Friday, January 12

  • Last Day of 1st Semester & 2nd Quarter

Monday, January 15 & 16


Wednesday, January 17

  • All-School Assembly featuring Trevor Ragan, 12:40PM in Auditorium

Thursday, January 18

  • Girls' Basketball: 7th @ Home/8th @ Northwest Jr. High
  • Boys' Swimming: @ Kennedy vs. Harding & Linn-Mar

Monday, January 22

  • 8th Grade Orchestra Activity @ Washington
  • Girls' Basketball: 7th @ Linn-Mar Excelsior/8th @ Home

Tuesday, January 23

  • Boys' Swimming: City Meet @ Linn-Mar

Wednesday, January 24

  • Washington BandFest

Thursday, January 25

  • Girls' Basketball: 7th @ Home/8th @ Regis
  • Metropolitan Orchestra Auditions