Texas Longhorn

Jake Faust


Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Bovidae

Genus: Bos

Scientific Name: Bovine

Common Name: Texas Longhorn

Key Information

The Texas longhorn is a breed of cattle that is native to North America. The Longhorns first came to North America when early inhabiters of the Continent brought them over to help them settle the land, mainly the Great Plains. The cattle were descendants of the Spanish Longhorn cattle. Longhorns played a key role in the growth and prosperity of the Great Plains, not only in agricultural ways but also in economic ways. They benefited the agriculture of the land the same ways that cattle can help your land today. Grass grows at a faster rate when cattle live on it because when cows eat grass, they are herbivores, it spurs new growth for the grass. Cattle also help enrich the soil they inhabit because their manure acts as a natural fertilizer. The Longhorns helped spur the economic growth of the Great Plains. Their beef can be sold and eaten and their hide and horns are also valued among settlers. Longhorns are actually very social animals. They live in herds, they talk to each other by mooing and groaning, whch they do a lot of. Even though they all live together, there is some fighting over females, but the largest longhorn usually takes the mates.

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