The pshycos of the middle ages

William The Conqueror, King John, Joan of Arc

William The Conqueror

Biographical info

William the Conqueror was born and died in England from 1028-1087.  He was described as tough and brave.

Memorable moments

WILLIAM THE BASTARD; William the Conqueror faced many conflicts in his life. He was King of England at age 8 and being a King has many resposibilities. William was the bastard child and for most of his early life, he was known as William the Bastard. This is because his parents were not married. His father had an affair with a woman named Herleva, and William is their child. Fun fact- He comes from a line of Vikings!


William made many important decisions. He made the decision to take over the throne and we should be appreciative of that. Because of the Norman invasion, French was spoken in England for centuries and completely changed the English language with new words. Without William the Conqueror, we wouldn't speak the way we do today.

Joan of Arc

Biographical Info

Joan of Arc was born and died in France from 1412-1431. She was a leader, someone who knows what to do and doesn't waste time. Although she committed many "crimes", they were dumb crimes such as wearing pants. Joan of Arc earned the nickname, "The Maid of Orleans" because of the battle she led.

The Maid of Orleans

Memorable Moments

Joan of Arc is known for being the saint who heard voices in her head, and claiming it was God. She is also known for being the strong leader who led French Soldiers into battle. Some also know her as a criminal (for some very ridiculous crimes). Interesting fact: Joan of Arc died by being burned alive, at age 19. Quote: It's Joan OF Arc, not Jonah's Arc.


Joan of Arc made the decision to speak up, be a leader, and be different. She didn't care what others thought of her. She had a mission to complete and that was her only worry. We should care about Joan of Arc because she is a great example of a leader. Even when everyone put her down, she still kept pushing to lead France through battle and she succeeded.

King John

Biographical Info

King John was born and died in England from 1166-1215. He was distasteful and "dangerous"

An Evil Man

Memorable Moments

King John was ruler when the Baronial Revolt took place, which is a significant time in history. Quote: Ralph Turner describes him as having "distasteful, even dangerous personality traits" Fun Fact: Shakespeare wrote a play about King John.


King John was not a beloved King but he was a remembered one. The baronial revolt at the end of his reign led to the sealing of the Magna Carta, which is often considered to be an early step in the evolution of the constitution of United Kingdom.

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