Week at a Glance

May 9 - 13

Here's the Week:

- working on Health Assignments this week (see below)

Monday - Day 3

Please welcome our two guest Education students: Ms. Gibli and Ms. Tomberg! They will be assisting in our classroom for three weeks!

Tuesday - Day 4

Music today!!

Wednesday - Day 5

CODE math class today! This morning a number of teachers will be coming to Joyceville Public School to work on integrating math and technology. The Gr. 6/7 class will be the class where the teachers will try out their learning!

Thursday - Day 1

Music today!

Friday - Day 2

Two guest teachers in to teach math with technology today!

Homework This Week!

Post your opinion topic on Yammer - let's get some on-line debating going! Woo hoo!

Read your dystopian book! Start your Amazon Book Review!

Play... every day after school - throw the baseball, do some hoops, bounce on your trampoline, pretend that you are a Jedi knight fighting the evil lord for the rebellion! (be sure to make a lightsaber!) Instructions are below!

If you are doing track - mark out your distances at home (i.e. if you are doing the 100m, how long is 100m? Mark it out and practice!) Check out the warm up video I've embedded!

Go to bed early.

Enjoy your friends.

Warm ups for track and field!

Dynamic Warm Ups
Keone & Mari Madrid | World of Dance | FRONTROW | #WODNY 2013

Cool science experiment using heat!

Balloon in a Candle Flame - Science Experiment! Cool Physics Heat Experiments - High School & Kids.