Something I Learned in Media Mania

How to enter formulas in excel

How to get prepared for entering the formula

1. open up excel

2. enter the data you need in cell A1 and in cell B1

3. select cell C2 and enter the equal sign

How to enter the formula

1. after writing the = sign in cell C2 enter A2 then whatever sign for what your doing and then enter B2

2. then click the enter key and its done

If you have more than one set of data

If you have more cells with data in them and more rows this is what you do....

1. enter all the data you need in the rows so for example say you have data in cells A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, and B3.

2. once data is enterted enter the formula you need in the formula bar (A1*B1=)

3. then you should get the answer to get the answers for the more than one set of data you entered you auto fill

- to auto fill you press the plus sign in the corner of the cell when you scroll over it and drag it down and it will fill in all the other data sets