Left Brain Leverage

Living in a world of logic

Logical Thinking

Those that favor the left brain over the right have a higher tendency to think logically about problems rather than to jump in and use trial and error to work things out. Thinking logically means that someone tends to think things all the way through before starting, and work out all of the potential problems in order to systematically work though the situation.

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Sequential Processing

Left brain thinkers usually assess issues in a sequential manner. By working through things in a sequential order, these thinkers tend to not leave anything out because they are working from the start to the finish.

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Mental Discipline

Mental discipline is a very important skill that tends to be more prevalent in left brain dominant people. Those with higher mental discipline find it much easier to be self motivated, and are also better at staying focused on tasks that need to be completed. People with a higher mental discipline additionally are better at working efficiently and effectively, as they are very driven and organized individuals.

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